Welcome Back Allen Iverson

Friday, December 04, 2009

Allen Iverson and a Sixers jersey, no matter the color, just looks right. Getty Images

Video courtesy of On the DL Podcast via YouTube

Ok let's get a couple things out there. I have seen some great press conferences this year in Philadelphia. From Michael Vick, Pedro Martinez, Chris Pronger, and anything involving Jimmy Rollins - nobody compares to the genuine compassion that Allen Iverson has when he talks about Philadelphia.

Iverson always understood the Philadelphia fan like nobody else in this town. Sure Rollins and a bunch of the Phillies have formed a special relationship with this city, but Iverson's bond with the Philadelphia fan is something special. He's not the guy that's going to score 40 points a night, but it is darn good to see him back wearing a Sixers uniform.

I like Placido Polanco too, but his press conference yesterday had nothing on Iverson's.

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