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Friday, September 30, 2005

Not sports related, but I've been meaning to throw this in there. Is anyone surprised by this?

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It might be! Could it be? It isn't!

That phrase pretty much sums up the Phillies season in a nutshell.

I sit here on a Friday afternoon and the Astros have a 1.5 game lead on the Phillies, who surrendered 2 out of 3 to the stinkin' Mets. I hate the Mets. I hate New York in general. And to have them be the victor in that crucial series just pains me even more. Who do I hate more than the stinkin' Mets? The Devils.

The New Jersey Devils aren't exactly the same caliber as they used to be, but boy do I hate them. I sat down and watched my first hockey game since the Eastern Conference Finals. Flyers-Devils preseason hockey. I don't care what anyone says, I love hockey. True, I don't get into it really until March and April, but I love watching hockey. And with the Flyers the odds on favorite to claim the Stanley Cup this season of the "new" NHL, I know it's going to be fun.

Start scouting out your spot for the parade on Broad Street. The Flyers are going to win the Stanley Cup. Glen Macnow, one of my favorite hosts on 610 WIP, picks them to go a Chicago Bull-like 79-4. I'm sure he was kidding, but they are going to be good.



Thursday, September 22, 2005

I missed all but the 9th inning today of the Phillies series finale in Atlanta. The Phills put four on the board to beat the Braves, 4-0 and take the series and season series with the Braves. Kudos to Shane Victorino for his first major league homerun. Also, kudos to John Lieber who seemingly pitched a very good game.

It's just a shame those Astros got to play Pittsburgh and also won today to stay two games in front of the Phills for the Wild Card. Here we are, nine games to go and the Phills have win-able games all the way. So do the Astros. This weekend's series in Cincinnati tends to worry me a little. The Phillies are a better team and should win at least two. A sweep would be oh so nice. The Reds just lost Griffey Jr. for the remainder of the season and are out of it. But boy are they pesky. Meanwhile, the Astros are in Chicago to play the Cubs.

I'm beginning to think it can happen, but the Phillies have a history of getting close and then blowing up against a far less talented team...like the Reds. Should be interesting!


Gridiron Throughts

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Eagles are 1-1. Here is what I love and hate about Philadelphia, and it's the same thing.

In Philadelphia the passion for their team is unrivaled. In no other city will you see fans so outraged after a loss, against a good team on the road. Some of the more naive Eagle fans (and haters) were quick to write off the season after week one. Of course, Eagles fans stand by their team no matter what. No where else will you see a stadium packed with fans for a team that is 3-13. No where. Not New England, not Pittsburgh, not Dallas, Washington, New York (or New York), not Chicago, and not Atlanta. Philadelphia, has the best sports fans in the country. But I'm getting off the track.

The Eagles are already once again the favorite to win the NFC, and barring injury, they will.

How 'bout them Cowboys? All you Cowboy fans who were pumping your chest after week one and saying this was the year the Boys beat out the Birds for the division are awfully quiet this week. In case you missed it the Redskins and their horrible offense scored two touchdowns in the final few minutes against Dallas on Monday night, after being shut out by the Cowboys for 3 quarters and about 10 minutes. How embarrassing.

Eagles-Raiders this weekend. Eagles are the better team and they should win confidently. The Raiders are better than the49ers so I don't expect to see a 42-3 thrashing, but Randy Moss doesn't scare the Eagles. He'll get his catches and a good number of yards. Heck he may even score a touchdown (or two). But for everything Moss does, who around him is going to compliment him? Surely the Eagles have the advantage at quarterback and running back. One might even argue the Eagles have the better receiver. The question this week won't be Moss or T.O. It will be McNabb or Collins? Westbrook or Jordan? And we didn't even talk about the defense.

Speaking of former Penn State quarterback great Kerry Collins, my Nittany Lions have roared to a 3-0 record. As they enter Big Ten play this week at Northwestern I will admit that I am slightly ashamed to be proud and excited about a 3-0 start over South Florida, Cincinatti and Central Michigan. Penn State should ALWAYS start 3-0. The program has fallen greatly in the past 6 or 7 years. But I am still a die hard fan. Go State.

And my final football related question of the day...what did the New York Giants do to deserve an extra home game. Oh, I know "technically" it was an away game. I wish the Eagles could play a road game at Lincoln Financial Field against their opponent. I think the NFL exploiuted the Saints and have not helped them out at all, but for the Giants to get an extra game in their stadium is a farce. The worst part is, they didn't even pack their own stadium for a Monday Night game.


Howard Eskin

I hate Howard Eskin and everything about him. However, every day it seems that I agree with him more and more. The fact that I agree so strongly on many issues with a pompous, self-proclaimed "king of bling", fur coat wearing, jerk just drives me nuts.

The one thing I respect about him though is that he puts up with some of the most annoying, stupid, and unintelligent callers in the world. Not only does he have to deal with Cowboys, Giants, Redskins fans, and plain old Eagles haters, he also deals with the dopes who have nothing better to do than use their cell phone for a free call to try and be witty and condescending to him on air. But of course on radio Eskin has the ability to wipe their call off the radio completely.

C'mon people. If you're going to call a radio station, at least say something that will go on the air. Don't waste Eskin's time, or my time.


Phillies Thoughts

Hey everyone, it's been a while. As you may know I have been very critical of the Phillies this season, and I still believe I was right in that criticism. Here is the scenario right now. The Phillies find themselves just two games out of the playoffs, trailing the Astros for the Wild Card and the Braves for the division. With eleven games left in the season I still have yet to determine whether or not this team can make the playoffs. My gut feeling, and my imaginary money, would bet against it. There are so many faults on the team, including a lack of a killer instinct middle lineup and a clumsy manager. However, with the rest of the National League, outside of St. Louis, as bad as their NFL counterpart, the NFC, who is to say the Phillies can't make the playoffs?

The fact is the Phillies and Astros each have their ups and downs as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Coming down this final stretch will be fun for those of us who are dying for some fall baseball. So while I have been harshly critical of this team this season, it is only because I'm waiting for a winner. I have said before that if this team makes the playoffs, they will be my least favorite Philly sports playoff team, but I still want them to win.

And if you're a Phillies fan, isn't that what we all want?


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