Allen Iverson continues his Sixers career tonight

Monday, December 07, 2009

I know I will be watching in anticipation as Allen Iverson returns to the Sixers lineup tonight. I expect Iverson will be starting, which would make watching the pre-game player introductions worth watching. I do hope that Comcast Sportsnet will air the pre-game festivities for that moment.

The jersey is actually different from what we are familiar seeing Iverson wear with the Sixers, but you can not help but have a nostalgic feeling seeing #3 running around the court at the Wachovia Center.

Just for information purposes, Iverson ranks first and second in a number of franchise statistics.


  1. Hal Greer - 21,586
  2. Allen Iverson - 19,583
Field Goals
  1. Hal Greer - 8,504
  2. Julius Erving - 7,237
  3. Allen Iverson - 6,841
  1. Maurice Cheeks - 1,942
  2. Allen Iverson - 1,626

Iverson holds the franchise records for most three point attempts (2,840) and three pointers made (877) as well as the one for most turnovers (2,605). Those numbers should speak to the high risk-high reward style of Iverson's play.

Time will tell if Iverson can make a serious dent in any of these franchise records. Will he be a starter for the remainder of the season? Will he even be here in a month or two? Who knows.

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