Relive A Classic

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Call me crazy, but I would hardle call a regular season Arena League Football game a classic. When the idea of ESPN Classic came about I was all for it. I don't have the channel anymore, but if this is what it has come too, I am thankful to not have it anymore.

No offense to the Soul.


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Maynard Ferguson - Gonna Fly Now

Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday. I love Rocky. I am a fan of Maynard Ferguson. Hit it!


Mike and Heather's Wedding

Monday, May 26, 2008

Congratulations to Mike and Heather!

image 038
image 063
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image 110
image 119

The entire collection.


Mega Man II Tribute Week Cont.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today's boss is Heat Man. Again, music by The Megas.



Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At what point does a newspaper become up for grabs?

The reason I ask is because on Sunday a newspaper was delivered to either our apartment, our neighbors, or to somebody in the store we live next too.  Now, if you have never seen where we live, try to imagine two apartments and a store (as well as a landlord's office in the upper level of the store) sharing one parking lot, with mailboxes along the street.  When we did have a Sunday newspaper delivery the paper would always be sitting there near the front of the store, near the mailboxes.

Today is Tuesday and that newspaper was still sitting on the ground, and with the weather the past 72 hours, a little damp.  So when I got home from work today I brought it in.

Am I stealing or was that newspaper up for grabs at this point?


Mega Man II Tribute Week Cont.

Yesterday I shared with you a music video dedicated to Air Man from Mega Man II. Today another fine video showcasing the musical talents of The Megas in a tune honoring Metal Man.



Mega Man II Tribute Week

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just because I love the old NES game and these msuic videos (the inner Nintendo geek in me of course), I am going to share with you a different Mega Man II music video each day this week.

First up is Air Man (because that's where you should start in the game).

The band playing the song is The Megas. From what I have read they are basically a cover band of Nintendo music. If anyone knows anything more about them let me know. Maybe I'll Google them at some point.


Time to move on

Sure, the Flyers are done and kudos to the Penguins from the western part of the Keystone. There is no shame in losing to the Penguins, who have proven to be a very formidable team. Good luck to them against the winners from the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals. Detroit leads that series 3 games to two over Dallas.

Now all of the attention is on the Fightins, and maybe slightly on the Soul.

As for me, I am also ready to start looking forward to Penn State football!

I think the creator of this video is also suggesting that Paterno start to clean out his office as well.

In any event, after watching this video on my break at work, I felt ready to tackle somebody Dan Connor style!


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Flyers jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first period last night, but in typical Flyers fashion had to sweat it out the last five minutes of the third period, clinging to a lead. The Penguins scored two goals that had a silence drop on the whole arena as if the Flyers had actually lost the game, and thus the series. The Flyers were still up 3-2!

The Flyers were able to score an empty net goal and prevail 4-2, forcing a game five back in Pittsburgh. Who knows what two days of rest and preparation will bring for the Flyers, but for now the Flyers are...

Oh yeah, Cole Hamels is good too.

Enjoy your Friday everybody!


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pulling out all the stops today folks. Enjoy these Flyers videos to get you pumped for tonight's do or stay home game four against the Penguins.

Flyers hockey isn't ALL about fighting though...

Let's go Flyers!!!


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yes, my Flyers are down 0-3 to the cross state rival Penguins but that is not why I have been blogging about it. It has been a busy couple of days so please forgive me. But while many people seem to think the Flyers are dead (and afterall, who can blame those people), I'll let Jim Belushi speak for me...

LET'S DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or, there's my personal favorite motivational movie clip of all time to get the juices flowing...


You can bet your bottom dollar that anytime the Phillies are losing heading into the bottom of the ninth inning, that one of these twqo clips is guaranteed to be shown on the Phanavision. And why not? They are both great. If I can dig up some more motivational videos for tomorrow's games I will.

Let's Go Flyers! It ain't over till the fat lady sings!

NOTE: Void that last statement if a Kate Smith rendition of God Bless AMerica is done tomorrow night!

Back to work!


Introduction to the Super Mario Brothers

Thank goodness for Inside Edition back in the day to introduce parents to the Mario Brothers. Without them parents would have had no clue what their kids were playing!

Classic. Wait a second...wasn't that Bill O'Reilly? He seems a lot calmer than his latest video that has surfaced on YouTube (Censor warning - not safe for work or anyone who doesn't like cursing)...

And I believe the Super Mario Brothers Movie confirmed that their names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tonight the series finally gets underway. How about this for an eary Penguins-Philadelphia connection though...

Burgess Meredith, probably most famous for his role as Rocky's trainer Mickey, was also famous for his role as the most famous Penguin of all time this side of Mario Lemieux...THE Penguin!

Finally, some Flyers-Penguins playoff history...

My pick? I am reluctant to say I am taking the Penguins in six, but you know that I picked Montreal in six as well so who knows how this all plays out. The Flyers and Penguins will certainly be physical with each other and the Penguins have two very good lines to worry about.

Beware of the Penguins. Dooby dooby doo!

News links:
Penguins vs. Flyers a real rivalry - Arizona Republic (of all places)
Blot clot KO's Flyers' Timonen vs. Penguins - Sporting News
Play of Penguins' Malkin has plenty of FLyers talking - Columbus Dispatch
Flyers - Penguins - (NHL's central page for the Pennsylvania Conference Finals)
A Look at the Coaches - Scott Burnside (ESPN)


Gaming Mascots

As long as these videos continue to be uploaded, I will continue to share them with you. This episode discusses gaming mascots and of course, Mario is the ultimate mascot.

What? Mario as a boxing ref? Did you forget about Mike Tyson's Punch-out?

If you have a half hour to waste...and I mean waste, watch this video of somebody playing Mike Tyoson's Punch-out where they only get hit once.


Wednesday Brain Teaser

Here's a brain teaser from this morning's training session. It is a word scramble that is just one word. Leave your guesses in the comments section.


Oh yeah, a Flyers-Penguins video...Sidney Crosby is a brat.


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Monday, May 05, 2008

So the Philadelphia Flyers will face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Pennsylvania Conference Finals, one step away from the Stanley Cup Finals. This will be the toughest series yet as the Penguins are a very good team.

I know I have some friends who are Penguins fans out there who may read this so I welcome your comments on the series. Any wagers out there? I'm all ears.

I am not ready to give my prediction on the series but I have asked an old friend of mine to give his. He was more than happy to oblige..

We have all week to hype this series up, so why not take a look back in history in the rivalry that is Flyers-Penguins. The following clip is from the 1988-89 playoffs.

I have a load of these video clips saved in my YouTube account and will be sharing them with you as we get to Friday, do not worry!


Flyers Make a Fool of Me

Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Just to be on the record, I am picking Montreal in six."
April 24

You may have noticed I didn't put together any open threads for any of the games in the series after game one. Game two was because I didn't have time to do so, and the Flyers won. Games three through five were intentional due to superstition.

Open threads will return for the upcoming series against either Pittsburgh or New York.


Earthbound on Wii?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Breaking news! Earthbound has been rated by the ESRB!

What does that mean? Odds are that since Earthbound was out well before the days of the video game rating scale that if it is being rated now, then it will likely be available to the masses in some capacity.

If this game makes it to the Virtual Console I will be downloading it immediately!

Earthbound, for the Super NES, was one of the greatest games available. For some reason though Nintendo never bothered to expand on the series in North America (or anywhere outside of Japan actually). It is a shame the other two games in the series have never been available here. Earthbound is clever, funny, addictive, and a solid game.



So I am sitting her at my desk Friday morning enjoying my first break of the day. Stef recently texted me to let me know she got two free tickets to the Phillies game tonight! How sweet is that? I'll probably get to see Kyle Kendrick pitch some mediocre ball and I will get to see the reception that Aaron Rowand receives. I expect it to be pretty decent.

How about that? In two consecutive nights the Phillies will see two former players that were somewhat fan favorites play against them. Randy Wolf pitched well last night for the Padres, in the Phillies' 3-2 victory. Neither Wolf or Adam Eaton was charged with the game. It's a shame for Eaton to not have any record yet (currently 0-0) because he has pitched well enough to have earned at least a pair of wins.

How do I kill time on my breaks (when I don't have other errands to complete)? By watching stupid videos of course! Here is a video on the NES classic, Pinball!

Interesting note about Pinball. It is the only NES game my dad owned. And it is the only game which he could probably still beat me. I admit it. My mom owned a game as well for the NES; Donkey Kong Classics, which was a combination of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. Not sure why they ever really "owned" them because my sister and I played them most of the time anyway. Oh well.

Happy Friday!


Lost Open Thread

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I'm at work so I can't put together the usual post, but tonight is an episode of Lost.

Open thread. Go at it.


Rocky Jumped a Park Bench - Part 2

A day after sharing the first installment of the Rocky Jumped a Park Bench, part two is uploaded! Thanks James!


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