T.O. Once and for all

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am seriously sick and tired of hearing Eagles fans talking about Terrel Owens. So enough is enough. I am going to write this and then stop any and all discussions about him ruining the Eagles season, how immature he is, all of the McNabb non sense, etc. From this point on Owens, to me, is just another player in the NFL. That is how I will view him. That is how I will discuss him. No more What-ifs. No more "Who's to blame?"

Now, any Eagles fan who is happy that T.O. is a Dallas Cowboy ought to be examined in the head. Anytime your division rival claims a talented player, let alone the best wide receiver in football, that is nothing to be joyful about. Having said that there are many reasons to still not be afriad of the Cowboys. The lack of offensive line to protect an old, immobile quarterback is tops on the list. Assuming the Eagles defense can find a way to carry the team the way they did a few years ago, the addition of Owens to the Cowboys should not be much of a problem.

What amazes me is all the people who are happy because now Dawkins can lay a huge hit on Owens in a game over the middle. Sure, a Dawkins hit is always fun to watch and cheer on, however Dawkins, or any other Eagle for that matter, may not get such an opportunity until Owens has caught nine passes for 127 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Do you really think Lito one-on-one scares T.O.? Me neither. The secondary for the Eagles will be as good as the front seven allows them to be, as well as the offense.

I do believe the Eagles will be nothing like their 2005 season reflects; a year of injuries from the start of the season, turmoil, media bashing etc. The key to success will be on day one of camp with all of the regulars, and captains. The captains must get together and work out a way to get this team to play like the 2003 Eagles.

T.O.'s first season as an Eagle was great. The second season was in ruins. He is to blame, as are many people in the Eagles organization for letting things get so bad. It is time to refocus the entire franchise and find a way to win a Super Bowl for the greatest fasns in the NFL. So that is it. I've said my final thought on T.O. as an Eagle.


World Baseball Classic

Monday, March 20, 2006

In case you weren't paying attention, and I certainly do not blame you, the World Baseball Classic Final is tonight on ESPN. Cuba vs. Japan. The only name the common fan will recognize is Ichiro, which will probably convince many people to root for Japan.

I am rooting for Cuba. Why? I am rooting for a team with no major league ballplayers on it to win just for that fact. Of course, if there wasn't an embargo going on with Cuba, many of these players would be in the Major Leagues making the big time American contracts.

Face it, from Major League Baseball's perspective, they NEEDED the Team USA and perhaps the Dominican Republic to be playing in the final game, only because it would showcase the best of the talent from their elite league.



Saturday, March 18, 2006

Call it ugly, call it underwhelming, but also call it a "V" for a Villanova victory in round one of the tournament. The #16 seeds showed some poise this year in the first round, but in the end the #1 seeds all prevailed, including Villanova struggling past Monmouth.

I watched the game and kept thinking that Villanova was about ready to make their run to put Monmouth away several times and it never happened.

Am I alarmed? Sure, a little bit. I do believe that Villanova is a streaky team and their poor nights of shooting can obviously hurt them, maybe even cost them. But the defense is still really good and should get them a few more wins. Next up is Arizona. Look for the Cats' shooting to improve.

Congrats to Penn for a hard fought game, actually beating Texas at halftime! Too bad Texas found a way to win in the 2-15 game.


Matt Schaub article

Friday, March 17, 2006

Since I am a founding father of the Matt Schaub fan club, I wanted to pass this article along to people to read.

It seems Schaub, who is the better "quarterback" for the Falcons, is well respected in the NFL. I could have told you all of this the night that West Chester East beat Coatesville 56-28, a game I rank in my top three for football games attended. Would have been top two but Penn State-Ohio State this past season bumped it down a notch.

1. Penn State vs. Ohio State, 2005
2. Shippensburg @ West Chester 2004
3. West Chester East @ Coatesville, 1998


Who Needs a Bracket?

Sure, I made my Final Four picks for this year's tournament (LSU, UCLA, Villanova, and Illinois) but I did not fill out a bracket. That's right, there is no gambling involved for me this year. Some may say that it's fun to fill out the bracket because it makes the games more fun.

I beg to differ.

Through one and a half days of tournament basketball (I don't count the play-in game), I have thoroughly enjoyed just about every second of the games, I believe MORE so than in the past when I've competed in a pool. Why? Simply because it allows me to not get stressed out if one my teams I picked loses and messes up my bracket. I admit I may be in the minority, but I really do love just watching the games from a non-biased point of view and enjoy the competition. I'll root for some teams depending on the match-up (call me a Texas A&M fan in round one) but overall I'm rooting for good, intense games that come down to the wire.

However you watch the tournament, whether you have money riding on it or not, enjoy the ballgames!

A thought about the Play-In Game. I admit I'm sometimes slow to like some new ideas, and this may be one of them. I have grown to like the idea of having a pair of teams play each other to get that final 16 seed spot. These are schools that don't get the national attention and they get the main spotlight for one night for a chance to get into the tournament, something the players will talk about for years to their children and grandchildren. Here are my ideas on how to improve on the idea, without going with the "every school gets to play in a nationwide tournament" idea.

  • Since it is called the "Play-In Game", two teams who did not win their conference tournament/championship, should have to play in the game. For all but two conference champions, an automatic spot in the tournament is guaranteed. Why should two small conference champions battle it out for the final spot?
  • Expanding the "play in game" philosophy should be expanded to each region. Pick eight teams, two in each region, and have them play each other for that final spot in each of the tournament's regions that year.


March Madness

Thursday, March 16, 2006

It is a day almost unrivaled in the world of sports. Sixty four (or sixty five) teams begin their journey to try and become the best program in all of college basketball. I come home from work to find my dad already home for the day (he took a half day) sitting on the couch and watching the TV. This is day one of the NCAA tournament.

I have to hand it to CBS this year, for allowing me to use my cable internet access to watch any of the games they are televising out of my region, except for the locally televised game due to blackout rules. All it takes is a quick registration and it is free! How can anyone NOT do this? So there I am laying on the bed with the TV on the locally televised game and my computer monitor with whichever game I select! The beauty is that once Florida starts burying South Alabama, I can switch over to Montana's upset of Nevada.

And that's not all. If you missed a game while you were actually at work, or wherever else you were that actually pulled you away from the tournament action, you can watch highlights of any of the games! Drawbacks? Sure. Since it is being broadcast over the internet there is a slight delay, but then again unless you continuously watch the live score updates on the top of your screen, you would never know the difference. The video isn't the smoothest when those players make the runs down court on a fast break, but I still believe that more basketball, in any form, is better than less. Be sure to take part in this online broadcast though, because it is only available for the first three rounds. After that just about everything will be shown on TV no matter where you live.

Of course, with more basketball there is the increased chance that I'll catch a verbal slip;
"Villanova will be like a home team in the Wachovia Arena" - What? CENTER people! And besides, some of us still call it the FU Center.
"And midnight has come for Cinderella on day one!" - Already we are getting carried away with the Cinderella terminology, as it is overused enough as it is. Allow me to explain. The term "Cinderella" is used to describe a small team with little shot at winning going on a run that is either miraculous or unexpected against superior competition. "Cinderella" teams make it to the sweet 16, not win just one game. Montana beating Nevada does not qualify Montana as a Cinderella...yet. Beat Boston College and we'll talk. But that is not even the point yet. That phrase made it sound like Montana lost, i.e. Cinderella's time has run out. Montana gets one more dance with Prince Charming.

I love tournament basketball, and I love the extra coverage. I hate the over dramatics of commentators. I also hate Duke and people who like Duke who have no North Carolina roots, but that is another story for another time.

Now excuse me, because UCLA and Belmont are tipping off and my local CBS outlet is showing the 6pm news!

P.S. I like the Bruins in this game!


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