Bobby Bowden retires, day after thoughts

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Bobby Bowden officially retired on Tuesday. AP Photo

One of my favorite parts of writing for Examiner as the College Football Examiner is that I have met many new people in a short amount of time. Fortunately for me some of my fellow writers have some good sources and have allowed me to get a sneak peak of developments before they hit the major outlets, like ESPN, CBS Sports, or Yahoo! Sports.

This is how I got the early word on what would happen with Bobby Bowden down at Florida State. When Corey Dowlar (Florida State Examiner) sent me an instant message Monday morning asking "Want a tip?" I assumed he had some advice to improve my writing on the site. Then he delivered two words, to which I knew exactly what was the subject.

"He's done."

As the day unfolded I learned that the legendary college football coach would in fact be retiring. Naturally I was somewhat skeptical and hesitant to spread the news but once I gained some more confidence in the news I went and wrote up my own blurb.

The news did not become official until Tuesday so I had to wait until posting my story on Bowden stepping down. Below you will find links to a few stories I have posted recently on Examiner relating to the recent college coaching carousel that is now in full operation.

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Of course the previous day was a big day as well with the news of Notre Dame firing Charlie Weis breaking. One thing is for sure; it will be an interesting off season as coaches make their moves and new faces are introduced and familiar faces call home in new places.

As for Bowden, as one who has followed Penn Sate football and Joe Paterno for as long as I have, I can appreciate Bowden's impact on the sport of college football and what he has accomplished at Florida State. At times it felt as though Bowden may have been getting away with some things but if you look at his overall career it really is hard to argue that he has had a negative impact on the game.

A pair of national championships, a collection of ACC championships, Charlie Ward, wide right, wide right 2, and 14 consecutive top five finishes will all make up the most memorable images of Bowden's career. The way he was forced out is wrong but while the Bowden family may be upset with the actions they should know that Bowden will forever be a part of the game they love so dearly.

Bowden may be gone from the sidelines, but he will never be forgotten. This coming from a long time Paterno loyalist.

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