Sneak peak: Top ten sports teams of the decade

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Starting tomorrow I have a series of posts set up that will chronicle the top ten sports teams that I have followed this decade. By "follow" I naturally mean with an invested rooting interest, so I do apologize to any New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox or Los Angeles Lakers fans who may be reading this.

It was a fun decade for me and it could not have started off much better. Philadelphia saw the Wachovia Center residents each make deep runs into the playoffs, but it was the basketball team that took the city by storm. Little did we know at the time that it was the foreshadowing of a great decade to come.

Philadelphia saw its fair share of agony with championship losses for three of the teams but one team managed to give us all a parade for the ages. Along the way there were some college teams that gave us some fond memories as well.

Starting tomorrow I will take a brief look at my favorite teams from the past decade. You may agree or disagree with many of them. You may think one team is too low, or too high. But this is my list so expect it to be not what you expect at times.

In addition I hope you will leave your thoughts and memories from the different teams I list. I'm hoping it is an enjoyable trip down memory lane for you.

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