Jeff Garcia

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once upon a time Donovan McNabb got injured and Koy Detmer stepped into his place. Detmer proceeded to get injured and young AJ Feeley became the starter of an Eagles team that went to the NFC championship (although under McNabb in the postseason). Fans loved Feeley and some were even dull enough to believe the Eagles were a better team with him as the starter rather than McNabb. Feeley then went off to play in San Diego and Miami, before returning to Philadelphia.

In the meantime a man named Jeff Garcia signed a contract with the Eagles to be the backup for McNabb. The deal was if McNabb were to go down, Garcia would command the ship on the field in his absence. Sure enough McNabb went down and the fans clamored for Feeley to play. Garcia got the nod, heard the boos in his first full game, and the AJ fever continued. But then a funny thing happened. Garcia lead the Eagles to five straight wins, clinched the NFC East, a home playoff victory and came down to the wire on the road in a playoff loss. Along the way Garcia became the most popular athlete in town since Ryan Howard won the MVP in baseball. Garcia was everywhere. T-shirts were made. Public appearances were scheduled. Garcia was the most popular Eagle since T.O. Admit it.

But now I'm listening to people dogging the Eagles, and perhaps over blowing the situation where the Eagles did not offer Garcia a contract but signed Feeley to a three year deal. I would have liked to see Garcia stay here, but is it really worth the time and energy to debate who the backup quarterback is going to be? Does anybody really think the starting job could possibly go to anybody besides McNabb? If you honestly think McNabb has reason to worry about losing his starting spot, look at the money. Stop worrying about who the backup is. Garcia was fun to watch but in the end he lost in the second round of the playoffs.

If the Eagles are in a situation where we need to know who's filling in for McNabb, the season is very likely a lost cause anyway. So calm down people! It's not exactly like the Eagles are passing on Joe Montana or John Elway here.


Pennsylvania Sports Mt. Rushmore

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yeah, I know it. I have once again been lacking in the consistency aspect of posting to this wonderful blog, which I am proud that many of you actually read from time to time! Which reminds me, I'm looking to find out exactly who my audience is. So if you are reading this right now, you are required to email me in the next five minutes to let me know that you do indeed read my blog on occasion. If you do not e-mail me you have bad luck in love for the next seven years. Or a piano will fall on your head. It's true. Do you really want to risk that pain and suffering? Email me now.

But in any event, I would like to propose to you, the loyal readers from the great state of Pennsylvania the "Pennsylvania Sports Mt Rushmore", in honor of President's Day. The concept is simple. Like the tourist attraction and landmark, we will carve four profiles of the greatest icons from each of the four major sports (sorry golfers and gearheads) into the side of the Appalachian Mountains. These icons will each have a very important part in Pennsylvania sports for any number of reasons. It is open to people all over the state, from Pittsburgh, to Philadelphia, from Scranton, to Wilkes Barre (Wait, aren't they the same thing? Eh, who cares?). Feel free to debate, although you won't be able to with this one.

Representing the sport of football is none other than Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno. Longevity, honor, and class, not to mention the second all time winningest division 1-a football coach. What will college football (if not just Penn State) be like when Paterno is not on the sidelines anymore?

Hockey is represented by the pride of Pittsburgh, Mario Lemieux. Not only did the man lead the hockey franchise on the ice for so long, when the team was in financial troubles he bought the team! When people think Penguins hockey, they think Mario.

When it comes to baseball, the answer is clearly Mike Schmidt. The best third baseman of all time, ten gold gloves, MVP honors, post season mvp honors, all star games galore, and all for the Phillies of all teams.

And finally basketball. Did you ever know that Wilt Chamberlin once scored 100 points in Hershey? The game wasn't even on tv. To this day over a million people say they were there in the Hershey arena, which hosts about 2,000 people. Wilt is still regarded as the best ever...well, some people argue that point with Michael Jordan. Still though, Wilt is the best of all time and wins his spot on Mt Rushmore in this topic, hands down.

Anybody want to give me a Mt Rushmore for any specific city or state? I'd be interested to hear somebody's take for Maryland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, etc.


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