Rocky Jumped a Park Bench

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I love the Rocky series, as any so called Philadelphian (or Philly area native) would likely agree with. Everybody knows the scene where Rocky runs up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum. But what about the location where Rocky fights Tommy Gunn or the pet store Adrian worked in?

Enter James Rolfe, most notable for his Angry Video Game Nerd series. Rolfe actually makes his own documentaries and other kinds of movies as well. Here Rolfe takes a tour of Philadelphia and shows us the actual locations of many of the scenes in the Rocky series, at least the spots in Philadelphia. Sorry Russia.

I'm still waiting for Part two to be uploaded.


Flyers Playoff Coverage - Game One Open Thread

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Game 1

I don't know if I'll get to update this post today or not, but here is the game one open thread against the Montreal Canadiens. Just to be on the record, I am picking Montreal in six.

I know. What kind of a fan am I?

Go Flyers!


Lost Open Thread

That's right folks, Lost is back on the air tonight, and at a different time (10pm EST) so prepare to stay awake until 11pm tonight. It has been a while since we last watched Lost so let's do a quick recap.

Got it? Ok.

Let's recap the first series of questions as well...

1. Will we find out who is in the coffin? No.
2. Will we find out who Kate had to get back to? No. (confirmed by producers it was Aaron)
3. How many episodes will it take before Locke blows something up? Won't happen.
4. Will Jack kill anyone during season four? No.
5. Will Hurley have a flash forward or flashback in season four? Yes.
6. How many episodes will Danielle appear in? Three.
7. Will Kate kiss anyone other than Sawyer or Jack? No.
8. Who will be the first one Sawyer gives a nickname to? Jack.
9. Will Juliet and Jack kiss? No.
10. How many episodes will Jin appear in? Eight (all of them).
11. Will we see the four-toed statue? No.
12. Is Kate pregnant? Yes.
13. Who will be the first person to talk to Michael? Walt.
14. Will Sawyer "do the dishes" with anyone that he hasn't done them with already? No.
15. Will Sun have a miscarriage? No.
16. Will we see Boone this season? Yes.
17. How many episodes will Hurley appear in? Eight (all of them)
18. Who will be the first survivor to die? Jin
19. Will Claire and Desmond get romantic? No.
20. Who will be the first person to talk to Walt? Michael.

I didn't do so well. Now there is a new set of questions to answer for the Lost Podcast, so e-mail them your answers tonight before the episode airs. This time I have the point values as well. Here they are, with my guesses.

1. How many times will Hurley say dude? 6 108 points
2. In episode 9, who will speak first: Jack, Sayid, Kate, Desmond, or Sawyer? 42 points
3. In episode 10, who will speak first: Locke, Kate, Jack, Claire, Hurley? 42 points
4. In episode 11, who will speak first: Jack, Kate, Michael, Locke, Sayid? 42 points
5. In episode 12, who will speak first: Ben, Claire, Kate, Jack, Locke? 42 points
6. In episode 13, who will be the last to speak: Locke, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben? 42 points
7. Will we see Penny again (includes picture)? Yes 23 points, No 42 points
8. Will we see Cindy again? Yes 108 points, No 23 points
9. How many eps will Claire appear in? 2 108 points
10. How many eps will Jin appear in? 3 108 points
11. How many eps will Sun appear in? 3 108 points
12. How many eps will Hurley appear in? 4 108 points
13. How many eps will Ben appear in? 4 108 points
14. Will Ben and Juliet kiss? Yes 108 points, No 4 Points
15. How many eps will Frank appear in? 3 108 points
16. How many eps will Faraday appear in? 4 108 points
17. How many eps will Desmond appear in? 3 108 points
18. How many eps will Miles appear in? 3 108 points
19. Will Sun and Jin kiss? Yes 42 points, No 23 points
20. Will we see the four toed statue? Yes 16 points, No 42 points
21. Will Kate and Jack hug? Yes 15 points, No 16 points
22. Will Sawyer and Kate hug? Yes 23 points, No 42 points
23. Will we physically see Sarah again? Yes 42 points, No 4 points
24. Will Desmond and Penny kiss? Yes 42 points, No 23 points
25. Will Ben and Charles Widmore have a scene together? Yes 16 points, No 42 points
26. Will we see Boone again? Yes 42 points, No 8 points
27. How many eps Charlotte appear in? 1 108 points
28. Will we see Rose again? Yes 16 points, No 42 points
29. How many eps will Bernard appear in? 2 108 points
30. Will Hurley kill someone? Yes 42 points, No 4 points

This 10pm start may not be a terrible thing tonight. Afterall, the Flyers and Canadiens open up their playoff series tonight in Montreal at 7pm. Supposing the game doesn't go to overtime you should be able to watch both just fine tonight! More on he Flyers in a later than usual post at some point this afternoon (most likely).


Elsewhere in sports...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Phillies beat those Colorado Rockies. Chase Utley continues to show why he is an MVP candidate early on.

Not to be outdone, the Philadelphia Soul remain unbeaten. This sets up a beauty next Monday night against the Dallas Desperados. Both teams are undefeated. This is like Colts-Patriots!


Flyers Playoff Coverage - Game Seven Open Thread

Game 7

Oh boy. Here we go with game seven, the most exciting game in all of hockey playoffs. It's a shame for the Flyers to be in this situation as they just have not been able to seal the deal against these feisty and persistent Capitals. Give credit to Washington for overcoming the true sense of adversity. Down 2-0 to the Flyers in Philadelphia last night the Capitals scored four unanswered goals to win 4-2 and force the win or go home game.

At this point I have little faith in the Flyers' chances. I have seen this before. The Flyers have to put together a complete game,, something they have done only twice in this series despite having three wins. What scares me now is the Flyers may have more veterans, but they do not appear to have the same energy as the Capitals, and now playing in back to back nights after a demoralizing loss at home, I fear this game could get ugly tonight.

What bothers me most is Martin Biron's awful track record in back-to-back games this season. I do not know his record off hand but it is not good. He played well last night (I don't fault him for at least 3 of the Capitals' goals) but he will have to be stellar tonight.

My heart always says to pick the Flyers, but given the situation and the circumstances, I have to say the Capitals win tonight.

Hope I am wrong.

As always, this is an open thread so it may or may not get updated as the day rolls along with video clips and news stories. Feel free to dump comments in the comments section.

News links
Caps host Flyers in Game seven, try to complete comeback -
Flyers - Capitals preview - ESPN
Five Things We Learned - ESPN
Mikael Renberg retires - The Canadian Press
Caps continue show how to become fans darling - Baltimore Sun
Semin gives Caps momentum - Fox Sports


Flyers Playoff Coverage - Game Six Open Thread

Monday, April 21, 2008

Game Six

Here we go folks! Tonight's game between the Flyers and Capitals is the biggest game yet as the Flyers look to close out the series at home and prepare for the second round of the playoffs. I think they will do it too.

Despite losing in game five the Flyers did play pretty well in the third period considering the Capitals were throwing everything they had at the orange and black. How much do the Caps have left in the tank? I expect the Flyers to be able to withstand an early onslaught from the Caps but will eventually pull away with the series clinching victory.

Time for a Flyers-Capitals flashback...

Game five highlights

After the Sixers shocked the Pistons in game one of their series yesterday, the Phillies topped the Mets at home last night. I take that as a sign of good things to come for Philadelphia this week and let's continue it with another great rendition of God Bless America to do it right!

As always, this is an open thread. It may or may not be updated leading up to the game tonight. Who knows. Leave your comments on the game in the comments section.

Go Flyers!

News links
Flyers look to finish off Capitals - CBC
Game Six Notes - Philadelphia Flyers


Flyers Playoff Coverage - Game Five Open Thread

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Game 5

Yes, I know I haven't done a thing since game two and a lot has happened since then. I don't have much time to work on a detailed open thread, but just so people know I'm alive and ready for a Flyers clincher, here is the Game Five Open Thread!

I'm picking the Caps in a close one believe it or not.

Go Flyers!

Game four highlights


Flyers Playoff Coverage - Game Two Open Thread

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wow. I had a whole post written here complete with video clips, links and all. Then Flock decides to crash on me and for some reason Blogger didn't auto save a draft every couple minutes like it usually does.

I'm not going to re-write all of my brilliant commentary, so here it is.

Game two. Open thread in the comments section.

Go Flyers!


Let's go IronPigs!`

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tonight I will be taking in my first ever Lehigh Valley IronPigs game, rather than watch Cole Hamels dominate the Chicago Cubs.

Let's go IronPigs!


Flyers Playoff Coverage - Game One Open Thread

Friday, April 11, 2008


Tonight the playoffs get underway for the southeast division champion Washington Capitals and the surging Philadelphia Flyers. Look for a wide open game tonight as many of these players are making their first appearance in the playoffs, and for some of the veteran players this is an overdue return to the post season.

For the Capitals everything is focused largely on Alex Ovechkin, the best player in hockey. For the Flyers everything will be focused on how to contain Ovechkin. After all, you can't stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

Both goaltenders in this series are not playoff tested so it remains to be seen who has the advantage in that crucial area. Martin Biron capped off the final two games of the season with a pair of shut outs over the nemesis New Jersey Devils and star rival Pittsburgh Penguins. While many Flyers fans look to that to be a great sign of momentum, I am a little less optimistic. We know that the Penguins weren't giving their all in the final game.

Danny Briere will be back in the Flyers lineup tonight and seeing him paired with Vinny Prospal will be fun to see again. Those two seemed to gel together pretty well. Darien Hatcher will not play tonigh and may not return to the defense until game three in Philadelphia. Al Morganti of 610 WIP had a great point on why the Flyers should wait until game three and that is because with the home team getting the last switch of players in stoppages of play the Capitals would have a huge advantage if they saw a slowed down Hatcher on the ice. We will see what happens.

I predict a Capitals victory in game one, but I anticipate the series coming back to Philadelphia tied at one. I am prepared to say Flyers win out in six games.

This is an open thread so it may or may not get updated up to and during the game tonight with new links, videos etc. Feel free to comment away and cheer on your Flyers (or Capitals) in the comment section.

12:30pm - Al Morganti picks the Flyers in six (HT: 700 Level). WWN picks Caps in six. Morganti always picks the Flyers in six so take what you will from this.

News links
Caps briefing: Flyers make good foils - DClist
Ovechkin to star in NHL playoffs - Russia Today
Flyers-Capitals Preview - ESPN
Al Morganti Q&A - 700 Level
Flyers-Capitals Preview - USA Today
NHL Playoff Prediction: Capitals - Flyers - Point Spreads
Ovechkin set to dazzle physical Flyers - CBC Sports
Entering playoffs as underdog is good for the Flyers - Bleacher Report


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another day, another batch of Flyers related goodness.

One of my favorite hockey blogs (I don't read many), is On the Forecheck and much to my dismay, he predicts the Caps to win the first round.

It also sounds like defenseman Darien Hatcher will definitely not return to play in game one but is expected to be in the lineup for game two. Probably not a bade idea. The whole idea is to come out of Washington with a split and as much as I would like the Flyers to set the tone defensively in game one, I would be ok with a stronger presence in game two. The Flyers are able to beat the Capitals any given night, just as much as the Caps can beat the Flyers any night. Of course, either team is capable of coming to Philly with a 2-0 lead as well.

News links
Flyers Will Lose in Seven - Cecil Whig (Maryland)
Out of nowhere: Boudreau and Stevens go from minors to NHL playoffs - Philadelphia Inquirer (
Mike Richards May Have Found a Solution for Alex Ovechkin - 700 Level



Congrats are due to Ship friends Brendan and Caitlin, who actually write a blog together for their newspaper. On a recent trip to Rome to visit family Brendan popped the question and like many I am sure, I found out through Facebook.

Ahh the greatness of Wall messages and how they show up in my feed.


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A lot of the Flyers' playoff hopes probably rely on the health of Danny Briere. He says he is ready to go but given the history of health with the Flyers, who knows at this point.

We are just a couple days away folks from the drop of the puck! Bring it!

The Flyers PR department now has a blog with everything you will need to know surrounding the playoff festivities and more. Click here.

News links
Stanley Cup Preview - Flyers-Caps - The Sports Network
Biron peaking at right time - The Phanatic Magazine
Ovechkin, Caps to host Flyers - Baltimore Sun
Flyers reloaded instead of rebuilding - Washington Times
Philadelphia plans to entertain this year's Cinderella team - Bleacher Report
Injuries force caps to shuffle on defense - Washington Post


It's Official

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

According to the records of Montgomery County in Pennsylvania, I am a Democrat. Granted I still classify myself as an Independent, I registered for the Democratic party so I could partake in the upcoming, and now seemingly important, Pennsylvania primary.


Meanwhile on the Diamond...

...the Phillies beat the Mets for the ninth straight time. To me, that is the epitome of total domination. I hope the Phillies keep it going tomorrow against the Mets. ESPN has a story about the rivalry. Check it out.

On the flip side, Jimmy Rollins has a sprained ankle. Don't worry about it.

I missed just about the whole game except for the eighth inning on. Lucky me. Chase Utley was hit four times by the baseball (thrice at the plate). This guy is the toughest player in baseball.

I said it.

I didn't stutter.

Someday Utley will probably beat the National League record held by Craig Biggio for being the player with the most hits by pitch (285). Utley sits on 59 today after today's game.

Go Phills!!!


Flyers Playoff Coverage

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I will attempt to bring you stories to check out concerning the Flyers and their first round opponent, the Capitals.

News links
First round break down - ESPN (Scott Burnside)
[Ovechkin] for MVP? Alex the Great can't wait to make NHL playoff debut - Canadian Press
Coburn Developing at Rapid Pace - Philadelphia Flyers
Capital Gain? - PhillyBurbs (Wayne Fish)
Biron Ready for challenge of playoffs - PhillyBurbs (Wayne Fish)
Biron gets his turn in Flyers' wild goalie history - PhillyBurbs (Mike Sielski)
Caps Fans vs. Flyers Fans - D.C. Sports Blog
Scott Burnside: Caps Win in Six - 700Level (basically a follow up to the above mentioned ESPN article)


Flyers Playoff Coverage

Monday, April 07, 2008

I am excited for the start of the NHL playoffs, which start Friday for the Philadelphia Flyers against the Washington Capitals. I am going to do what I can to cover the playoffs as much as I can. I am not saying I will be posting post game analysis right after the game, but I do intend to jot down my thoughts on each game for you, the reader and share whatever else I may find.

I know that fellow blog William World News will be covering everything from the angle of the Capitals perspective and I advise all Flyers and Caps fans to check it out. Naturally WWN has already mentioned that the Flyers and Capitals have met three times in the playoffs and felt the need to put up a video of interest as far as Capitals fans go.

As for the Flyers side of things...

And of course...

This series should be a good one as both teams come in with some swagger and momentum. The Flyers jumped up to a sixth seed in the final few days and the Capitals, despite a horrid start of the season, clinched the Southeast Division. It is a good thing too because Alex Ovechkin is a player that every hockey fan should have an opportunity to see in the playoffs. Personally I enjoy watching him more than Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

We'll get more in depth as the series draws closer.

Here is a run down of the playoff schedule for the opening round;
April 11 - Game One @ Capitals (7pm)
April 13 - Game Two @ Capitals (2pm)
April 15 - Game Three @ Flyers (7pm)
April 17 - Game Four @ Flyers (7pm)
April 19 - Game Five @ Capitals (1pm)*
April 21 - Game Six @ Flyers (TBD)*
April 22 - Game Seven @ Capitals (TBD)*

* = if necessary

Folks, the Stanley Cup playoffs are the best playoffs available in all of sports. If you have been away from hockey for a while, now is the time to get reconnected. All are welcome a Broad and Pattison!

News links
A Brief Introduction to the Philadelphia Flyers - Live PR
Caps to Face Flyers - Most Valuable Network
Flyers Open Playoffs Friday vs. Capitals - Comcast Sportsnet (Philly)
Team Eyes Playoff Series vs. Capitals - Cherry Hill Courier Post
Caps Go Back to Start - Washington Post


April 1

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

This is NOT a joke!

I start a new job today! I'll post again this afternoon (most likely) to talk about it more.

Did You Know? Phillies reliever Tom Gordon now has an ERA of 135! Hopefully that comes down in his next outing!


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