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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sorry for the down time this past week and a half. My computer was in for repairs. Everything seems to be working fine now! I'll put in an entry later this week about the Flyers playoffs, Phillies, and/or Eagles draft!


Allen Iverson

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ok, seeing as last night was rumored to be the final home game for Allen Iverson as a 76er, I was prepared to write a blog in his favor. I wanted to write to defend why he should not leave Philadelphia and how it would really do the Sixers no good to move him elsewhere. Now, I don't know if the Sixers would, or could, move Iverson so it could have all been a moot point, however, today I am inspired to write a blast Iverson.

If you know me I have always been one to defend Iverson overall, although he is deserving of some criticism when it comes to his actions, words, and play. But if you take a moment to look at his overall impact on the Sixers you will realize that he is worth a lot of praise. Before Iverson was drafted by Philadelphia, the Sixers were an abysmal team in a once proud basketball city. With Iverson came a rejuvenation, a new excitement, and a new hope. This carried the team through a rebuilding stage that lead the team to the top of their conference and into the NBA Finals in a fantastic and fun run until a dreaded mis-match with the dynasty-inspired Lakers. There is no doubt that Iverson has done a lot for the team and city. But there is a time when a superstar must give back to his team and loyal fans.

The Sixers are in a rut right now and they have played miserably, or miserly. They missed the playoffs and are now among the lottery teams with the slimmest of chances of getting a worthwhile pick. The team, under poor management, is strained by the salary cap. It is not Iverson's fault that the team has been mismanaged. That blame falls on GM Billy King, and maybe the ownership. But last night was Fan Appreciation Night, a night when the players give a little something back to the fans. Let's face it, when thousands of people come out to see your lousy team in a meaningless end-of-the-season game, you better give them something worth coming out for. To accept not being in the lineup when you are THE player these people come to watch, THE player the kids want the jersey of, and THE most popular player almost in the entire WORLD, you better make yourself eligible to play in that game. It is not Iverson's fault that he was told he didn't have to play, but it is Iverson's fault that he accepted that decision.

Say what you want about Allen Iverson, and I'm sure you will, the guy gives his all EVERY NIGHT when he puts on a Sixers, or Team USA, uniform. If you disagree with that then you are not watching. If every player gave his all the way Iverson does, then this team would be in the playoffs, and maybe even a contender for the conference. Surround Iverson with the right players and it can work. Don't believe me? See 2001.


Random thoughts

Monday, April 17, 2006

Excuse me for feeling a little under the weather lately and not updating this Blog recently! I know you, the loyal reader, have been waiting for this.

So the Sixers are out of the playoffs. Does anyone really care? Put your hand down you liar. But really, when THREE teams under .500 from the Eastern Conference make the playoffs, you should be ashamed of your team, conference, and your league. This means that, in theory, it is possible to have a sub-.500 team make it to the NBA Finals. This is the equivalent of two sub-.500 teams playing for a spot in the NCAA tournament. This is just flat out bad. And it doesn't end there. The Washington Wizards (40-40 at the time of this writing) could still possibly be below .500 when the playoffs start! That is the entire bottom half of the Eastern Conference playoff teams. Anybody who says the NBA's product is not as bad as it is made out to be need look no further than these playoff teams.

Meanwhile the Phillies came off a good 4-2 road trip, taking both series in Atlanta and Colorado. I think now that they're coming home and have won a few games we'll see some better action for a while. I'm not saying that the "Fire Charlie" issue won't go away, and it won't, but at least we can start being a little more positive about the team. The bullpen has been better than expected.

And the Flyers...

With the playoffs about to begin I refuse to take a guess at what will happen. It all depends on what Flyers team shows up from game to game. It is just too hard to figure out. We still don't know which goalie will be "the guy", we don't know which games Peter Forsberg will have to miss and we don't know who they'll be playing yet. Tricky situation, one I never expected at the beginning of the year. This team could make it to the Finals or lose in the first round.


Top Ten Sports Video Games

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here is my list of the Top Ten sports video games that I have played. I tend to put top ten lists in no particular order because I'll end up moving names around anyway.

So here you go (in no particular order):

1. Madden - What guy hasn't sat down and played a game of Madden, running the same effective plays over and over on your buddy?
2. Tecmo Bowl - Classic Nintendo football. Anybody else ever press the HUT button a million times before the snap?
3. Ice Hockey - The best hockey game. Period. Where else can you have a full team duking it out with the other team? And how about those Mario-like players?
4. Blades of Steel - Very close behind Ice Hockey. The fighting and the interactive demo of Gradius between periods is a nice touch.
5. RBI Baseball - My sister and I will STILL play this game. I'm always Boston, she's always the National League.
6. Bill Lambeer's Combat Basketball - My buddy Dave and I played the season mode long enough to have a team full of Bill Lambeers. Best team ever.
7. NBA Jam - Again, Dave and I mastered this game, except when the power would "mysteriously" go out when we were losing.
8. Tennis - Atari 2600 at its finest.
9. Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB - Hearing my disgruntled batters yell at the ump and cracking their bats on their knees was just the start.
10. World Class Track Meet - Can you say Power Pad?


No Fun League

Monday, April 10, 2006

A lot was made about the NFL's recent rule change to restrict the celebration methods of NFL players this coming season. Some people thought that it was a waste of time and some people enjoy watching these outlandish and "creative" celebrations.

I, on the other hand, applaud the NFL for their stance on celebrations. It has gotten to a point where it is just stupid to watch.

When players start acting like they are rowing a boat, posing as a swimsuit model, riverdancing, doing sit-ups, giving a football CPR, or anything that isn't chest bumping, hi-fiving, or any other normal excitement, then it is time to do something to protect the image of the game. Players have started to showcase themselves, putting them on the map and thus above the team when it comes to scoring a touchdown, much like the NBA has dwindled with the emergence of the Sportscenter Slam Dunk.

If scoring a touchdown, and handing the ball back to the ref is good enough for Barry Sanders, then it should be good enough for anybody. Kudos to the NFL for promoting the style of Marvin Harrison, and limiting the antics of Chad Johnson, T.O. and company.


For your Reading Enjoyment

Friday, April 07, 2006

Just wanted to pass along a couple articles I found on today.

Here's one about Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard. And here is one on recent Penn State quarterback Michael Robinson.

Ryan Howard is the man to watch no matter what you're doing during a Phillies game this year. Remember a couple years ago when Pat Burell came up and you had to see what he would do? Same thing with Jim Thome. This year it is Ryan Howard, and to a lesser extent Chase Utley, now that Jimmy Rollins' streak is officially over.

I really hope Michael Robinson finds a spot somewhere in the NFL. It would be a shame to see his talent go unutilized by a pro team in some capacity.


Eagles 2006 schedule and predictions

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Talk about early. I have to hand it to the NFL, they sure know how to rule the discussions all throughout the year. Here it is, April 6, and I'm about to give my rundown of the 2006 Eagles schedule this coming season (which starts September 10)

Here it is, courtesy of

Sun., Sept. 10 @ Houston WIN

Sun., Sept. 17 Giants WIN

Sun., Sept. 24 @ 49ers WIN

Mon., Oct. 2 Green Bay WIN

Sun., Oct. 8 Dallas WIN

Sun., Oct. 15 @ New Orleans WIN

Sun., Oct. 22 @ Tampa Bay LOSS

Sun., Oct. 29 Jacksonville LOSS

Sun., Nov. 5 BYE

Sun., Nov. 12 Washington WIN

Sun., Nov. 19 Tennessee WIN

Sun., Nov. 26 @ Indy LOSS

Mon., Dec. 4 Carolina WIN

Sun., Dec. 10 @ Washington WIN

Sun., Dec. 17 @ Giants LOSS

Mon., Dec. 25 @ Dallas WIN

Sun., Dec. 31 Atlanta WIN - Unless Matt Schaub starts.

So there you have it folks. My 2006 Eagles predictions as of April 6, 2006. These are all of course, supposing the team stays healthy enough to play at their top level. At 12-4 the Eagles will even clinch home field advantage and have a good shot at the Super Bowl.

Who else has predictions?



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well the Phillies had a less than stellar opening day to say the least, losing to the Cardinals 13-5. At least Jimmy Rollins extended his hitting streak. Do you believe that his hitting streak should be referenced as a chase for Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak record? I do and I don't. DiMaggio's 56 game streak was in one season so that should be the ultimate number. If Rollins hits in 57 straight that should also be held in high regard. After all, do we not say that a wide receiver in football has caught a pass in 247 games? Of course that is over multiple seasons, so I don't see why we can't recognize Rollins' chase in the same light. I do believe though, that IF Rollins should reach 56, or more, it should be denoted as two separate streaks; single season and overall.

Good luck to Rollins in a chase that is great for baseball and it's purity these days.


Opening Day 2006

Sunday, April 02, 2006

There are a couple sacred days on the sports calendar, and tomorrow is one of them. Along with Super Bowl Sunday, the opening two rounds of the NCAA tournament and any day with a Game Seven in the NHL playoffs, Major League Baseball's opening day is a cherished event.

There is reason for optimism in just about every city, because this could just be the year that your team gets over the hump, surprises everyone, lives up to expectations, or for one lucky city each year, defend your title.

I am eagerly awaiting the new baseball season, as I once again throw in my homeristic prediction that my Phillies will return to the playoffs for the first time since 1993. So pop in a copy of "Whatever it Takes Dude", then watch Game Five of the 1980 NLCS and grab a hot dog and get ready for a brand new season of baseball!

Here are my questions and keys to success for the Phillies this year, in no particular order:
1. Can the starting rotation stay consistent?
2. Can the relief pitching hold on to close games?
3. Will the strikeouts in the lineup decrease this year?
4. Which Pat Burrell will we see? 2003 or 2004?
5. Will Pat Gillick make a significant move when needed?
6. Will Jimmy Rollins break Joe Dimaggio's streak?*
7. Will April come back to haunt the Phillies as it has in the past few seasons?
8. Will a positive attitude remain throughout the season, even in a tough stretch?
9. Will anyone be able to beat the Braves for the division lead?
10. Will Ryan Howard suffer a sophomore slump?

Play ball!


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