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Friday, June 17, 2005

(This post made while watching the Phillies-Mariners series finale)

So what's the deal with the Phillies offense? They're hot during their recent homestand and through 2 games and 6 innings against the Mariners they have scored three runs. With Oakland next up, maybe it's a good time for this team to realize that not every game can be won on homeruns. It's time to start honing the art of manufacturing runs.

The new "Woohoo" guy is in Seattle. Those poor Mariner fans.

Randy Wolf is out and Padilla has yet to show consistency. Ed Wade needs to make a move of some sort.

Watching Jim Thome this year reminds me of watching Pat Burell last year. Hopefully Thome gets out of his funk a lot sooner.

Chris Wheeler = the kid who never shuts up in high school.

Chase Utley is the most pure ballplayer the Phills have and the most heart of anyone.

Jimmy Rollins signs a five year extension, and in the press conference he states that he'd like to finish his career on the west coast. Not the brightest of moves.

Even when I agree with Wheeler, he still annoys me.

Is anyone watching the NBA Finals? Does anyone care?

Brett Myers has given up one run in 6 innings. I guess it was time to take him out of the game?

Kenny Loften. I thought he came to town about five years too late. He's giving me much more than I could have hoped for and he should be leading off everyday, if not Bobby Abreu.

Go figure. The Phillies finally find a way to score 2 runs and they give it right back. Myers must be frustrated.

Did anyone watch the NBA Finals? Yeah, me neither.

Extra innings. Yay. There's nothing I love more than late night interleague baseball. Note the sarcasm.

Thirteen innings? C'mon! I want to go to bed!

Jimmy Rollins can hustle. A triple gives him his fifth hit of the game!

Why do the Phillies still wear those stupid looking "interleague" hats? Does any other team have a separate "interleague" hat? It's all a marketing ploy obviously.

Thank you Billy Wagner for finally ending this game at two in the morning on the east coast. Phills win 3-2 in 13 innings. Great game and good win, but I'm tired!

Good night folks!


Credit Given Where Credit is Due

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just a few weeks ago there was a negative air in Philly surrounding our baseball team. Yes, it was deserved. But now is the time to hand out mad props for they are now deserved.

It seems that when the public image of the Phillies reached a new all time low the challenge was set. Since those down and low days of May the team has taken series against the hot Orioles, division nemesis Braves and defending NL champs Cardinals. They lost the Marlins series but what else is new. That series of games was widely known to be the 12-Game test for this team. The general feeling was that if they came out of that stretch with a winning record then maybe they really will be ok. Their record? 7-5. Not too shabby. The pitching started coming together, some runs started to be produced in key situations and they won three of the series. And just today the club finished off a long home stand in which they went 12-1. A few weeks ago the Phillies were in last place with little hope for the rest of the year. Perhaps they were not given enough time to prove themselves? I admit I may have guilty of jumping on them for their terrible start.

Today the Phillies are one and a half games out of first place behind the surprisingly hot Washington Nationals. The Marlins have been 4-12 since beating the Phillies. The Braves are trudging along. And the Mets have continued to play mediocre baseball. The Nationals had a ten game win streak and the Phillies are the hottest team in the National League and perhaps in all of baseball. The optimism is starting to gain momentum.

Having said all of this I still will hold off of saying I’m getting in line for playoff tickets for the first time since 1993. I still want to wait and see what happens at the trade deadline. The recent acquisition of relief pitcher Urbina is a good solid move for the bullpen, although I personally would liked to have seen what more we could have gotten for Placido Polanco. Urbina could be a great acquisition if he pitches to his potential and helps fuel the enthusiasm. Having new teammate Bobby Abreu as a good friend will help. It is well publicized that Urbina has had relationship problems in the past, starting a fight on the Red Sox plan and scuffling with Tiger teammates just within the last week. Ed Wade knew nothing about that incident. Figures.

Three weeks ago I was furious with my beloved Phillies. Today I am having almost as much fun watching them as I did in 1993. Once Jim Thome becomes a threat again, and all other facets of the team continue performing as they are right now, then I will be ready to pencil this team in as the NL East Champs.

And now a short list of things that bug me:

  • Nomar Garciapara leading NL shortstops in All Star balloting? This is what feuds my argument for fans not having the right to vote for the starters. I think people need to take Phillies manager Charlie Manuel’s advice and “study the game” a little more.
  • When the waiter or waitress asks “Do you need any change?” when they take your money and bill. From now on if a waiter or waitress asks you this you should say “Yes.” And not leave them a tip. The polite thing to do is to say “I’ll be right back with your change.”
  • My sister mocking my dad’s musical interests. Let’s flip through my sister’s CD collection…*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees. And that’s one book of CD’s.
  • The Philadelphia philosophy of the “bandwagon”. Fans of any Philly sports team for some reason resent when other locals start rooting for one of the teams because they’re starting to be successful. Example: Flyers die hard season ticket holder says that Johnny Flyer Fan Come Lately isn’t allowed to bash the Flyers because he wasn’t following them in October. My feeling is this; If you live anywhere near the “local” team and have no defined allegiances anywhere else, you can root for the team no matter what, whenever you want. Why does Philadelphia have to have four different sports fans? Why can’t we all just root for the city’s teams? Isn’t it more fun with more people? Let’s burn the bandwagon on fire and be done with that notion!

And finally, congratulations to the Philadelphia Phantoms on sweeping the Chicago Wolves in the AHL Finals and winning the franchises’ second Calder Cup. They are the best hockey team in North America. There’s a trivia question for you in the future.


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