A New Year, a New Perspective

Monday, January 02, 2006

Welcome to 2006, which is a way of saying welcome to another year of rollercoaster emotions. Another year of ups and downs for the Eagles, another year of early season blundering by the Phillies and ending on a hot streak, another year of hot February Flyers win streaks, ending in early postseason disappointment, and another year of potential for the 76ers only to end in a early round exit.

Or maybe not. Why don't we all take this opportunity to agree to watch 2006 with only the best of things in mind. No more negativity because there is a lot of things to be optimistic about in 2006.

We all know that the 2005 Eagles were doomed from the early going, and injuries and side attractions did nothing to help this year's squad win. But in 2006 you can only hope that the team doesn't have half as many injuries decimating the nucleus that went to the Super Bowl. McNabb will be healthy once more, there will be no TO show to worry about, and I have to believe that the team has taken this season as a chance to look themselves in the mirror and realize that things don't come easy. They worked hard to make it to four straight NFC championships and came within a possession of winning the Super Bowl. Now it is time to refocus. They are not the class of the NFC...right now.

With the end of the Eagles season we now look forward to Flyers hockey, who have shown they can compete with anybody. I think the Flyers are poised to be playing for the Cup in June, barring any more injuries of course. Have you watched this team? They are fun to watch! Simon Gagne could even be playing his way to a Hart trophy, if not a goal scoring title. Yes Rangers fans, I know Jagr is playing inspired hockey as well.

Meanwhile the Sixers are playing well enough to win their division. Allen Iverson, believe it or not, is playing some of his best ball of his career and he actually has some help around him. I'm not ready to proclaim this year's Sixers NBA champs, let alone Eastern Conference champs (see Detroit Pistons), but if they can make a move of some significance I would say they might be a team to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

But this is of course New Year's and that means college bowl games! I am excited because my Penn State Nittany Lions are playing in the Orange Bowl tomorrow night against the Florida State Seminoles. I look for Penn State to win the game by about ten points. Look for a quick first offensive drive, then a couple slow drives with Florida State maybe putting together a couple decent drives. But the PSU defense is awesome, possibly the best FSU has faced all year (take that Miami and Virginia Tech!). With the win Joe Pa will gain a game on Bowden's all time coaching record (which really belongs to Joe Pa anyway). Penn State: 33, Florida State: 17


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