TO Food Drive

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

In the midst of all the hype leading up to training camp and all the questions surrounding TO (well, at least from he and his agent's point of view) I have decided to help TO out.

The man is obviously struggling to feed his family. And of course, I sympathize for him. How could we not? I mean, he spends so much money on luxuries and so much time lounging in his big house, driving in his fancy cars, working out and relaxing in front of a big TV and pool, who could blame him for forgetting to do the grocery shopping! Fear not TO! I have come to the rescue, much like your superhero-aspiring agent!

When Eagles training camp commences I encourage all Eagle fans to bring a canned food item and drop it off in a donation box. All donations will be given to Terrell Owens and his family. It is my sincere hope that these kind and generous donations will allow him to relax and not stress out about needing a new deal. One less thing for you to concern yourself about Mr. Owens!


It's Been a While!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

First off, sorry about not posting in a while. Things have been a little busy around here lately. But I have things to say to I must say it!

Where else to start but with the Phillies? This weekend they play host to the first place San Diego Padres and win the first two games, being led by none other than Chase Utley. Utley scored the only two runs of a 2-0 afternoon game the night after ending an extra inning game with a game winning homerun. I'm telling you, this kid's gonna be fun to watch. But here's the thing; The Phillies have crept back to within four games of first place of the division and coincidently, four games of the wild card. You know me, I desperately want my team to make the playoffs for the first time in 1993. I really honestly do! But at the same time I don't want the people who run this team to think they are in a good position. This is NOT a playoff team by any stretch of the imagination. I am waiting for the trade deadline to see what happens with this club, as I've said before.

Playoff contenders make moves at the trade deadline to help them win this year. With Ed Wade at the helm my fear is that he will trade away a guy like Ryan Howard or Cole Hammels and end up getting juped in the process. Those guys are basically the only product we have left in our farm system. With this team as old as it is in some positions it is not a good idea to trade away what prospects you have left.

Am I rooting on the Philies? Of course. Do I want them to make the playoffs this year? Without a doubt. Do I want them to drastically panic and trade away their young talent in the process? Unless we're getting a top centerfielder, thirdbaseman AND starting pitcher, no way.

And with the trade deadline coming up the Phillies are losing time before they drop to number two on the sports page. Well let's face it, they already are. Eagles training camp is open the way and the word is now that Terrel Owens will be reporting. He and his agent aren't happy about it and TO has said that he will cause problems. Pardon me if I don't cry. He says the Eagles should release him or trade him so they can part ties and act like adults about this. He of all people should not be saying anything about acting like adults. TO in a span of a year went from King of the City of Philadelphia, to just another pre-madonna rich boy who wants more. That attitude just does not work in the blue collar city of Philly. You can blame the superhero wannabe agent of his if you want (the guy is an annoying suck up to athletes anyway), but when it comes down to it, the only person we can really blame is TO.

TO has a contract worth $49 million for the next 7 years. I'll likely never see $49 million in my lifetime.

Until next time!


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