I won the football pool

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It finally happened. I won the football pool. I generally win at least one week every season and with the football season winding down I was getting nervous. With my overall weekly victory in the pool I also close the gap between my dad and I a little bit more, making the head-to-head point comparison slightly more manageable, but I still need some luck in the final two weeks of the season.

My dad, as represented by the orange shaded bar in the graph to the right leads the way with 1,308 total points this season. My total, as indicated by the blue bar, is now 1,273 points. My total has been boosted by two straight weeks of 107 weekly points while my dad has recorded fewer than 90 points each of the last two weeks.

We could cut him some slack for going away on a cruise vacation, but he was still able to make his picks prior to leaving and apparently was able to check them while away, which would lead me to think he could have just as easily made any changes at any time, so there goes that excuse.

My dad's down fall each of the past two weeks has been seemingly forgetting about Thursday Night Football. He failed to record a pick in either week. I will take every advantage I can get!

Finally, here is an updated look at the weekly progression in the pool comparing my results with my dad and the weekly winning total compared to the winning differential between me and the winner.

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