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Friday, February 29, 2008

Last night's episode of Lost definitely threw you a curveball. Gots to love those Desmond episodes. What's going to happen next?

Rather than discuss any possible scenarios as to what happens, I thought now would be a good opportunity to catch up on my Lost podcast questions. Below are the questions and my responses. Anything in red is something that has been confirmed to be wrong. Anything in green has been confirmed to be correct. Anything in plain black has yet to be answered.

If you are still watching the previous episodes on DVD, then ignore the rest of this post.

1. Will we find out who is in the coffin? No.
2. Will we find out who Kate had to get back to? No. (confirmed by producers it was Aaron)
3. How many episodes will it take before Locke blows something up? Won't happen.
4. Will Jack kill anyone during season four? No.
5. Will Hurley have a flash forward or flashback in season four? Yes.
6. How many episodes will Danielle appear in? Three.
7. Will Kate kiss anyone other than Sawyer or Jack? No.
8. Who will be the first one Sawyer gives a nickname to? Jack.
9. Will Juliet and Jack kiss? No.
10. How many episodes will Jin appear in? Eight (all of them).
11. Will we see the four-toed statue? No.
12. Is Kate pregnant? Yes.
13. Who will be the first person to talk to Michael? Walt.
14. Will Sawyer "do the dishes" with anyone that he hasn't done them with already? No.
15. Will Sun have a miscarriage? No.
16. Will we see Boone this season? Yes.
17. How many episodes will Hurley appear in? Eight (all of them)
18. Who will be the first survivor to die? Jin
19. Will Claire and Desmond get romantic? No.
20. Who will be the first person to talk to Walt? Michael.

I'm not doing all that well.

Maybe with next week's episode I'll put together another Open Thread for any Lost fans out there. Stay tuned.


What a debut!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Phillies lost to the Pirates today in Grapefruit League action, 11-6. Recent top draft pick, pitcher Joe Savery, made his Phillies debut.

1.0 inning pitched, 4 hits, 5 runs (all earned), 1 walk, 2 strike outs, and 1 home run yielded. This all brings his ERA to a whopping 45.0.

Not exactly the line he would have liked I am sure. Here's hoping he got his nervous kinks out of his system!


Ramblings AFL Pick 'Em

On the heels of the first ever Ramblings Playoff Fever, I present to you Ramblings Arena Football Pick 'Em. Really simple game here folks and once again I invite everyone reading this to join.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps;

1.) Go to ESPN's AFL Pick 'Em page (click here) and sign up if you do not already have a membership (free).
2.) Check who you want to win each game as well as the score of the last game.
3.) Head to the Ramblings AFL Pick 'Em page (click here) and click "Join this Group".

That's it! The season starts Friday night so get your picks in A.S.A.P.!

Good luck to all!



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So a while ago I posted about your chance to vote for the mascot that will grace the cover of NCAA Football 2009 for the Nintendo Wii. Apparently I neglected to place the link you need to vote!

Step 1: Click here.
Step 2: Move the Wii remote cursor to the "Vote Now" bar. Click it.
Step 3: Click on "Big Ten", or if for some reason you feel the need to spite me, any other conference of choice.
Step 4: Click on the Nittany Lion, or if for some reason you feel the need to spite me, any other mascot of choice.
Step 5: Confirm your vote for the one that stands the test.


And while we are on the topic if video games, here is the latest edition of Play Value, from ON Networks.

The Return of the Arcade

Ok, time to get ready for work!


Public Notice

To the tenants at 521 Cherry Lane, it is February 26. It's time to take down your Christmas lights.


Nude Pictures!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AHEM! That should say "NEW Pictures!" Perverts.

The past 24 hours has been pretty time consuming, with my first jury duty service and a rehearsal for the Philadelphia Soul pre-game festivities in the Spectrum.

I'll post (maybe tomorrow) about my experiences with both, but I wanted to share with you my two new sets on Flickr.


It was only a matter of time, right?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If you have been keeping track of the latest format war between BluRay and HD-DVD, it should come as no surprise to you that Toshiba has officially annoucned it is ceasing production of HD-DVD units. Toshiba was the last leg HD-DVD had to stand on and with the company out of the picture things are looking good for Sony, who is the brain behind the BR format. Then today Universal announced it was switching over to the BR format.

Paramount; You are next.

I have not yet witnessed either format in person except for whatever may be on display at a Circuit City or Best Buy, but I will say that BR is especially nice while still expensive. With the Playstation 3 being one of the cheapest BR players out there I would expect the PS3 to start making some headway in the console wars as well.

I'm not about to go out and buy any kind of BR player yet. They are still too expensive (as are the discs), but the price should be down enough in time for Christmas if anybody wants me to get a nice gift for me.

Toshiba got Knocked Out!

On an unrelated note, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs single game tickets go on sale March 1 at 9am, including remaining tickets for the exhibition against the defending National League East Division Champions!


Farewell Mr. President!

A site with a simple idea. Record your personal good bye to President George Bush, and upload it to their site (FarewellMrPresident)! Positive and negative feelings are all over the site from what I have briefly gathered, but this one was one of my favorites from the couple that I did watch.


Why I don't like Fox News #2,924

Saturday, February 16, 2008

At the gym this morning I watched Fox News while ESPN was on a commercial break. It was whatever show they have with Steve Forbes. Now, anyone who knows my news of choice knows I prefer ABC News and CNN and it's not even close. Simply put, Fox News sucks.

Want an example of why? Ok, then read on.

They were talking about the congressional hearing with Roger Clemens from earlier this week. Comments were made about how it was a waste of tax payer's dollars (agreed) and how no progress was made (agreed). Then the genius who is Steve Forbes makes the asinine comment on how if they wanted to get anything done then the commissioner (Bud Selig) and/or the player's union director (Donald Fehr) should have been there and questioned why they weren't there.

I kept working on the elliptical waiting for someone on the morning show panel to point out to Steve that both of those men had in fact been in front of the same committee not once, but twice. Not a single person commented on it.

If this is the kind of research Fox News puts into their programming and opinions, then I will continue to stick with CNN and ABC News for as long as I can foresee. I thought it was outrageous to let Forbes get away with that comment without any remarks from any of the four people by his side or via satellite.


Vote for the Nittany Lion!

Friday, February 15, 2008

As a college football fan, it brings me much pleasure in knowing that EA Sports (It's in the game!) will release NCAA Football 2009 on the Nintendo Wii. Instead of a cover athlete though it appears there will be a mascot gracing the cover instead!

Vote for the one that stands the test. Vote for the stately Nittany Lion, the symbol of our best!

You can vote once per day.


The End of an Era?

Friday, February 08, 2008

This season I discovered The Official Eli Manning Sucks Blog, which ironically is put together by a New York Giants fan. The premise is the blogger recaps the previous game, and answers the same question fo every game; Did Eli Manning Suck? Every week the answer is yes.

However, after checking in on it this morning, just out of curiosity since Manning was named Super Bowl MVP, I wonder if the blog has come to an end?

"The Giants won! As a Giants fan, I could not be happier. Eli still sucks, but since the Giants won the Super Bowl, I'll give Eli a break and quit blogging about him."
The Official Eli Manning Sucks Blog

Please say it ain't so! Yes he had a good game and did win the Super Bowl, but I hope the blog continues in 2008! Perhaps somebody will start a Tony Romo Sucks Blog? Any takers?


Philadelphia Soul Pep Band

Thursday, February 07, 2008

This Saturday I will attend a practice for the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League. This is the first ever attempt to put together a full fledged pep band for an AFL team so the organizers are pretty psyched.

I got word of this through my buddy Mike, of Shenanigans Welcome, who will also be at the first practice. Hopefully it is something we can both participate in. I am excited about it and am already planning on sticking with it for the first season at least.

Not only would I get free admission to each of the Soul's home games (and I would assume some decent seats) in the Wachovia Center, but maybe, just maybe I would get a chance to meet a rock and roll legend.

For those of you who didn't know, the Soul is owned by Jon Bon Jovi.


Ramblings Playoff Fever!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

With the conclusion of the Super Bowl it is time now to check in on Ramblings Playoff Fever!

I hate to do so but I must congratulate myself for winning the first ever Ramblings Playoff Fever fantasy football pool. But I hope to grow on my success in next year's playoff! While I finished as champion of my own league I actually fared pretty well nationally.

According to ESPN's service I finished with 361 points, which was better than 96.1% of all players in all of the fantasy football leagues they operated. My final ranking, although it seems lowly without realizing how many people played, was 7160.

I also participated in a similar style league on The Sporting News. I finished in second place in my league as I had zero trades left to make before the NFC and AFC championship games. Luckily for me I had just about ALL Patriots and Giants players for my roster spots.


My Favorite Super Bowl Comercials

Monday, February 04, 2008

Here are my favorite commercials from Super Bowl XLII, mostly in order of appearance. You can check out all of the Super Bowl commercials on MySpaceTV.

Who amongst us hasn't been guilty of nodding off and having their head bob back up alertly after dozing off for a second or two? I was a huge fan of the old Roxbury guys skits on Saturday Night Live. I loved this commercial even before seeing Chris Kattan make his appearance at the end.

Joe Buck though, should never dance again. Ever. Never ever. Period.

At first I thought this was reminiscent of the old WAZZUP videos. This next video comes with a disclaimer...

DISCLAIMER: You could put Rocky music to a video of a guy organizing papers and I would enjoy it.

I have seen these T-Mobile commercials with Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkley for a while now and I wondered if Wade would ever make it into Barkley's Top Five. I like Charles. He's funny and he speaks his mind without reservation.

I like Shaq. He's funny and speaks his mind without reservation. That poor horse.

I'm a sucker for these Pixar movies so it should come as no surprise that I can not wait for Wall E. This commercial is Wall E at his purest, from my early take on the little robot who just wants to help and make friends. Throw in Woody and Buzz and this was easily the best commercial for a movie during the Super Bowl.

And finally I come to my favorite commercial of the entire Super Bowl. Whoever wrote this commercial and put it together is a genius in so many ways. This commercial found a way to demonstrate to the viewer that their product is two great traditional themes that are sought after in advertising;
  1. Worth fighting over to get the last one
  2. As timeless as some icons in history
I could watch this commercial over and over again and still get a huge grin on my face. I admit that I did see where it was going as the commercial played out, but the winner in the end was a surprise to me, but there could not have been any greater choice. Behold.

The sad thing is that this commercial will not receive the respect it deserves. Many Coca-Cola commercials get overshadowed by the Bud Lite's and the Pepsi's of the market, but no commercial had as much thought go into it as this one I am sure. The genius of this commercial will go over the heads of so many people it is not even funny. If you know anything about Charlie Brown then you know that he is the last person in the world who should win the battle for the Coke bottle.

But you have to feel good for good old Charlie Brown, huh? This one's for you Chuck!


Barack Obama

I have made my decision and it is to support Barack Obama for president in 2008.

I agree with Mike's opinion that you should get educated and involved with this year's presidential election no matter who you support. Find the candidate that is right for you and cast your vote. This is the most important presidential election I believe I will have voted for, although this is only my third presidential election I can vote in. Wow. Three already for me? Is that right?

Anyway, on Super Bowl Sunday I traveled down to Wilmington with Stef and Sarah for a rally for Democratic candidate Barack Obama. I had already stated I was leaning towards Obama before going to the rally, and after attending the rally I believe I am sold. I won't push my political views on anybody, hence this will be the last time I jot down my endorsement of Obama in my blog. The more important issue in my mind is that people voice their opinions, whatever they are. I encourage everyone to do what is best for them.

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures at the rally and you can find them on my flickr account in a brand new set; Barack Obama Rally. Enjoy.

And how about the fact that some people put the Obama speech on YouTube already? It is not complete but below are the clips (in order).

Also, maybe I like Obama because he reminds me of the greatest president ever to grace the fictional airwaves of television, David Palmer.


Six Pack of Picks for the Weekend: SUPER BOWL PICK!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Short and sweet and to the point and in Super Mario Brothers 3 form...

New England Patriots over New York Giants. No doubt in my mind.

NOTE: I forget where I found this graphic.


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