'Catcher in the Rye' author, J.D. Salinger dies

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Growing up I did not read as much as I should have. Sure my father may have forced me to read a book here and there, such as The Hobbit, but I hated every minute of it. Why did I abhor reading so much? As I got older I realized that I do not hate to read, I just had no interest in what I was being forced to read.

I found it unbearably difficult to keep track of the story lines that I was reading and forced myself to move forward. In the pressure to get to the next page I always seemed to forget what had just happened on the previous couple of pages, rendering any surprises meaningless to me. But sit me down with a biography or some other non-fiction piece of literature and now we're in business.

My problem is not that I don't appreciate good writing. How else can I explain my somewhat snobby attitude towards movies and TV shows that seem "beneath me"? I enjoy a plot that is well developed and not just slopped together in order to star Will Ferrell so it will be deemed "the funniest movie ever" by those younger than me who fail to recognize the importance of a good script.

Unfortunately for me my animosity toward fiction has left me out of the loop of so many well-respected authors. Today one of the best in the literary world, J.D. Salinger, passed away at the age of 91. Salinger is best known for his classic novel, The Catcher in the Rye, a book I am sure was required reading material at one point in my high school years that I trudged and stumbled through. Shame on me.

Feel free to share your thoughts on one of the greatest authors to put a pen to a paper below.


Project 365 - 1.28.2010 - Living in a Super Mario World

Just another day in my own little personal Super Mario World

I was experimenting with a new background image for the MacBook Pro and came across this nice little Super Mario Brothers wallpaper. I threw in a couple accessories, one old and one new. The Luigi figure was an old McDonald's Happy Meal toy back when Super Mario Brothers 3 was released. The blue mushroom was a stocking stuffer this past Christmas and is filled with blueberry flavored sour candy. Quite delicious!

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Boost Mobile hyping the SANYO Incognito

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I may have my eyes set on the Nexus One from Google, but what if you are looking for an alternative that comes with a pre-paid plane? The folks of Boost Mobile recently contacted me to help spread the word about their latest addition to their popular line-up. The SANYO Incognito (model number SCP-6760) is a device that Sprint hopes will carry the company through 2010.

Not having tried my hands on this phone personally I can only base my opinion off of what I have come across online. Here are some of the basic facts about the phone that I find to be important on any decision making process. Of course, be sure to consult your nearest retailer and ask them any questions before following through with any purchase.

  • $129.99 (before taxes) for the phone. If you order online you will receive free shipping.
  • Unlimited plan for $50/month with no contract required.
So to use this phone you would be looking at a price of about $190 for the first month, including the purchase of the phone. So is the phone worth the cost?

CNET and PC Magazine both liken the SANYO Incognito to the Pantech Impact available on AT&T's network., but when push comes to shove both reviews lean slightly to the Impact. The Incognito was rated Good (3 out of 5) by PC Magazine and Very Good (3.5 out of 5) by CNET last month so there does seem to be some promise here.

Some of the criticism on the phone is directed at the design. From what I can tell it looks to be slightly clunky, but I will admit that I have never used a phone with a pull out keyboard the way the Incognito uses. Perhaps it is just a matter of adjusting, as millions of texting teenagers and celebrities have already done. I still use a pretty standard flip phone.

The Incognito comes with a 2MP camera, which by today's standards seems weak. My wife's new HTC Eris has a 5 MP camera and my almost three year old phone has a 2MP resolution, so I would expect more from a phone being released today when it comes to the digital camera. But in addition to the camera the Incognito also has video recording capabilities (again at 2MP resolution though), music and video playback functionality, and has the ability to browse the web. Naturally it also sends and receives text messages and can make phone calls if you so wish. Syncing the Incognito up to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter are no problem either. Just use the EVDO capabilities and the full QWERTY keyboard to get started quickly.

Here is a closer look at the SANYO Incognito from CNET...

So what do you think? Is the SANYO Incognito a good fit for you or a friend or family member? Feel free to discuss your experience with the phone in the comments below. Not being a true cell phone geek I will not likely be able to answer any questions you may have about this particular device, but I am confident that the customer service staff at Boost Mobile would love to help you out. Contact them through their customer support contact form, or check out their frequently asked questions.

If you have used this phone please let my readers (and me!) know what you think! To close, here is a slide show of photos of the SANYO Incognito.

Photos courtesy of Boost Mobile

Click Here

Click Here

Visit my sponsor: Boost Mobile


Project 365 - 1.27.2010 - Ribs for lunch

See that steam coming off my lunch?

For lunch today I had a delicious braised rib in a red wine sauce. I received it as a free sample to test through one of the survey sites I belong too. Look for a review in the coming days about my mouth watering lunch.

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Project 365 - 1.26.2010 - Save the date

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today our Save-the-Date for my sister's wedding came in the mail. Who would have thought that it would be in blue and white? And yes, it is a magnet to put on either our refrigerator or my magnetic dry erase board in the home office.

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UPDATE: So apparently my friend down in Baltimore received a Save the Date with cookies! My sister has clearly come up short in this department...


Tech Giveaway from Tony's Pizza

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony's Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was recently given an opportunity to take a trip down memory lane. The folks at Tony's Pizza came to me and asked if I would be interesting in some free pizza?

Stop right there. Free pizza? Yes please!

I responded to them that I would be a fool to pass on a chance to fill my tummy with free pizza, so they sent me some coupons that I could use at the grocery store to purchase some crispy pizza. Last night my wife and I split one, not expecting much form a pizza you can buy for less than $2.00. Boy were we surprised!

I picked up the pepperoni topping variety, but you can also get plain cheese if you care to. For full disclosure, we added a little bit of extra mozzarella cheese to the pizza before placing it in the oven. After opening the package it looked a little skimpy in the cheese department, but I did not have to add too much to it. While my wife did not add any extra toppings, I sprinkled on a dash of red pepper as well.

Just look at that picture to see what I was able to enjoy! Mouth watering, isn't it?

Before sinking my teeth in to this FREE pizza, I was expecting to eat something that tasted like cardboard, reminiscent of what I had eaten in elementary school or in college. Not the case. The pizza we had was very enjoyable and left me sort of wishing I had not shared this with my wife! Does that make me a bad husband? This all could have been avoided if I had just picked up more than one pizza on my latest grocery trip excursion!

In exchange for sampling some free pizza the Tony's Pizza people asked if I would share a coupon with a lucky reader, so here is where I follow up on my side of the deal. I am going to offer one coupon for a free pizza to the person who leaves a comment about the best pizza they have ever had. Where did you have it? What was the topping of choice? I will select one commenter at random to receive a free pizza coupon, which I will arrange to mail at a time to be determined.

In addition, Tony's Pizza is having a great contest to fulfill your tech needs, and readers of THIS SITE are eligible for a prize worth $500! I am excited to join some great sites in this contest and hope that the winner comes from my site. Here are two ways to enter!

  1. Leave a comment below. To be eligible you will need to use your e-mail address (will not be viewable to anyone reading the site but me)
  2. Use Twitter to tweet a message to your followers, containing a link to this post and use the hash-tag "#TonysPizza" - You could also just retweet my announcement about the contest.
I will be responsible for selecting one commenter at random, and I am excluding family members from being eligible. This contest ends February 16, 2010 at 11:59pm so do not delay! For detailed rules on this contest click here (I will soon be added to the blog roll in the rules).

Good luck!

Visit my sponsor: Free Samples


Project 365 - 1.25.2010 - Rainy Monday

Monday, January 25, 2010

A look outside the home office this dreary Monday morning gives you a glimpse as to how this day will go. I was especially fond of the way the car light (that red streak that resembles the old FOX tracking of a hockey puck) came out while the photos was being taken.

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I am 69% addicted to Twitter

Sunday, January 24, 2010

How addicted to Twitter are you?

Created by Oatmeal


Project 365 - 1.24.2010

Did a household repair today. Replaced a broken toilet seat!


Project 365 - 1.23.2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Which way do you set up your toilet paper?

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The Rock before he was emasculated

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm sorry but I am not buying "The Rock" as the "Tooth Fairy." Perhaps if they had stuck to the Disney idea to rename him the Molenator, but that is not the case.

Today in movie theaters across America Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will star in his latest Disney film, Tooth Fairy. While I am positive that his financial earnings with his Disney film, much like Race to Witch Mountain, will be more than welcomed, one must wonder if he feels like he sold his soul?

His loud-mouth, butt-kicking, arrogant soul that is.

I remember a time when "The Rock" was the reason I snuck in some wrestling on television when it was socially unacceptable within my family (truth is it probably sill is - but I do not regret hiding this form them). I remember watching The Rock electrify the crowd in arenas, and the dorm rooms at Shippensburg on Monday and Thursday nights (Smackdown used to be on Thursday nights).

I know I do not strike you as a wrestling fan, and that is because I am not. But I do find myself drawn in by good entertainment, and when the Rock was with a microphone in the WWF/WWE arena, there were few as captivating as him. So it amazes me that today The Rock is now a Disney star making movies geared for kids.

Hey, more power to him. I do hope he will make some movies again with a little more juice to them, like Walking Tall or The Rundown. Check them out. the try to picture the guy with fairy wings and tights.

In honor of the release of Tooth Fairy I decided to take a dip through the archives and share some classic Rock moments, so we can remember just how cool he used to be*.

Here is the Rock rocking State College, PA

* If Dwayne Johnson really is reading this then he should know that I still totally think he is cool and would love to hang out with him just once. He could even call me a candy-ass and pour me a nice tall glass of shut-up juice etc. etc. etc. Because I still smell what the Rock...is cooking.


Project 365 - 1.22.2010

The last drip of milk form the morning breakfast.

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Flyers rough up Rangers in 2-0 win

Ring the bell: Flyers slug their way past Rangers - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
Flyers show some fight in shut-out of Rangers - AP report via Philly.com
Two hot teams on ice, Rangers riled up by Carcillo - Rich Hoffman, Philly.com
What happened? New York Rangers lacking punch, fall to Philadelphia Flyers 2-0 - Michael Obernauer, New York Daily News
Flyers Notes: Mixed ideas on Carcillo fight - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
Thursday's three stars [Emery is third] - Sean Leahy, Puck Daddy, Yahoo! Sports
An old fashioned beat down at the Wach - Matt P, The 700 Level
Flyers win 2-0, Rangers delusional in defeat - Travis Hughes, Broad Street Hockey

Any time that a Philadelphia team beats a New York team, it is a good day. This was the case last night down on Broad Street as the Flyers shut out the Rangers 2-0. To make it even better, the Flyers beat them up in the process.

I love a good tight hockey game enough as it is but when you get some good fights then you are in for a treat. Dan Carcillo drew the ire of Rangers coach John Tortorella by fighting Marian Gaborik, who has one career fighting major to his name. Later Scott Hartnell and Sean Avery got into it.

Tempers were flaring during and after the game. Tortorella had some stern words directed toward the Flyers bench during the game and again in his post game press conference, but the bottom line is the Flyers won 2-0 and this rivalry is as heated as it has ever been.

Or so you would think. The Flyers have outscored the Rangers 8-0 in their last two meetings. The Flyers are still out of a playoff spot right now (one point behind eighth seed New York Islanders) but they have games in hand and are only two points behind the sixth seeded Rangers.

AP photo


Jersey Shore: Super Mario Brothers Edition

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Perhaps this show should be called Koopa Beach?


Project 365 - 1.21.2010

Don't trip down the stairs!

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Help Haiti Blog Challenge: Help me help Haiti

The people of Haiti need our help

One of the great things about the blogosphere is that there is a tight knit community of bloggers who search for ways to utilize their blog for good. With the recent tragedy in Haiti many bloggers are finding ways to help in any way they can.

Jenny from Working on a Ramp brought one such initiative to my attention recently. Kelly Diels of Cleavage has organized the Help Haiti Blog Challenge, in which bloggers across the globe donate money in exchange for a sale of a product or service.

While I may not have any physical product or e-book to sell like some bloggers I know, I will take a page from Jenny's book and offer my writing for any website, business, or organization. Whatever you want to offer to pay me will see 50% will go towards the American Red Cross. I am open to any writing opportunity you may have so please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to coordinate a plan. Leave a comment below, which will be forwarded to my e-mail inbox automatically if interested.

With your help I can help victims in Haiti in a unique way. I do not have much I can donate out of my own pockets and feel this is a tremendous way to get involved. Even if you do not contact me please take the time to browse the 80+ bloggers on Cleavage to see what they have to offer.


Sam Dalembert has long day as Sixers lose

Dalembert sees real loss, then another Sixers loss, to Trail Blazers - Bob Cooney, Philly.com
Haunting past: Miller burns Sixers in Blazers' win - Dei Lynam, CSNPhilly.com
Andre Miller leads Blazers past Sixers - jsams, Liberty Ballers
Two things I can't question: Sam Dalembert's heart and hustle - Matt P, The 700 Level

Sam Dalembert, a native of Haiti, made the long trip down to his home country the other day. Yesterday he flew back to Philadelphia and arrived in town around 6:00. About an hour later he was playing basketball for the Sixers, taking the opening tip.

Sure, the Sixers lost yet again, but you have to appreciate what Dalembert is doing, especially after a second earthquake rocked Haiti yesterday. Dalemebert, I will not say a negative word about you for the rest of he season.


How the Chinese report Conan vs. Leno

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If you are like me you love this new trend of Chinese news reports using CGI technology to explain their story in detail. Our eyes were opened with the Tiger Woods story being told through the use of CGI, and now the recent late night talk show battles are being illustrated for the Chinese viewers.

HT: BagofNothing


Project 365 - 1.20.2010

Noticed some dust above the light on above the stairs.

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Jeff Carter leads the way for Flyers in win

Does Carcillo have a face only a mother could love or what? Getty Images

Carter's quick shothelps lift Flyers over Blue Jackets - Frank Seravalli, Philly.com
Face forward: Carter, Flyers knock off Blue Jackets - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
Pronger contains Nash in Flyers' victory - Bill Clement, CSNPhilly.com
With win, Flyers bail out petulant captain - Bob Ford, Philly.com
Former coach Hitchcock supports Flyers captain Richards - Sam Donnellon, Philly.com
Richards learning his lessons the hard way - John R. Finger, CSNPhilly.com
Flyers outlast Umberger-led Blue Jackets, 5-3 - Travis Hughes, Broad Street Hockey
Jeff Carter... SCORES! Right off the face off - Enrico, The 700 Level

Certainly nice to see Jeff Carter with the scoring touch. Hopefuly that continues for the rest of the season.

With Ken Hitchcock back in town I had a feeling there would be some entertainment down at the Wachovia Center last night. Hitchcock is never afraid to answer questions to the media and is known to speak honestly about a number of topics. I found it interesting to learn that the former Flyers head coach voiced his support for Flyers captain Mike Richards, who has recently reignited his battle with the local media.

I have made clear my opinion on Richards. I do not think he is mentally ready to be the captain of a hockey team. Maybe pressure is getting to him, maybe he is just too young. The fact that Sidney Crosby has already lead his team to two consecutive Stanley Cup Finals appearances and won one makes it a little more frustrating to watch Richards go through what he is going through right now.


Project 365 - 1.19.2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where is the smoke detector???

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There is no justification for Sixers keeping Eddie Jordan

Sixers blow big lead vs. Wolves - Kate Fagan, Philly.com
Off a Cliff: Sixers blow lead, fall to Timberwolves - John Krawczynski (AP), via CSNPhilly.com
THE Loss - Kate Fagan, Philly.com
The Battle of Who Could Care Less - TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsMichaelBourne, Liberty Ballers
Sixers ruin Evans' and Thompson'shomecoming - Dannie, Recliner GM

I did not watch the matinee Martin Luther King Day game between the Sixers and Timberwolves, and am I glad I missed it. The Sixers blew a 20 point lead and lost to the lowly Wolves yesterday, leaving me to think that it is past time to make a change at head coach with this basketball team.

What has Eddie Jordan accomplished since being given the head coaching job by his buddy Ed Stefanski? He coached his team to the wrong end of a season sweep by the Clippers, has lost to the Knicks, Wizards and now the Wolves.

The woes of this team can not even be attributed to the addition of Allen Iverson, who has a track record of bringing teams down in his more recent seasons. Somebody in charge of the Sixers needs to step in and address the situation. The team is just flat out bad, and yet I feel as though there is more than enough talent to avoid the current 13-27 record they own today.

Paging Ed Snider. You have once again shown that you have no real interest in the Sixers, unlike your Flyers. We all know that Snider does not show an interest in the Sixers, much like the general Philadelphia fan base. But when your hockey team fires a coach with a winning record, how can you justify holding on to a basketball coach who has a team 14 games under .500? It just does not make sense to me.

As long as Jordan is at the helm, the Sixers seem to be going nowhere fast.

The argument is that the Sixers should tank the rest of the schedule in order to pick up more ping pong balls in the NBA Lottery. What do you think the Sixers should do?

AP photo


Jerry Jones' latest bragging right

Monday, January 18, 2010

What better way to decorate that brand new stadium? Check out BagofNothing.com for the original post with this image. The guy who runs the sire, a.k.a. Geeding, is a respectful Dallas Cowboys fan. You can poke fun at his Cowboys if you wish, but try not to be too mean-spirited to him. He's a decent guy.


Project 365 - 1.18.2010

Time to take out the trash?

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Flyers lose to Capitals in D.C.

False start: Flyers fall to Caps in Emery's return - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
After first period, Flyers just a snack for Capitals - Frank Seravalli, Philly.com

I'm sure by D.C. blogging friend Will is happy about this one today. I did not watch the game so feel free to fill me in down below. I was watching football and doing grocery shopping instead. I am interested in the Mike Richards news that followed the game though.

Flyers' Richards critiques the media - Frank Seravalli, Philly.com
Air it out: Flyers' Richards still angry with the media - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
Media takes another shot at Richards - Geoff Detweiller, Broad Street Hockey

It is not exactly something new to have a captain, or player, that does not get along with the media, but judging purely on what I have read, it doesn't seem right for Richards to be the captain of this Flyers team at this point in time. He seems to lack the maturity, and leadership, needed to take charge of this team. And honestly, relating with the media should be a priority when wearing the "C".

AP photo


Project 365 - 1.17.2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Typing fool.

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Project 365 - 1.16.2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A look out the window in the chilly January morning.

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My 1,000th entry, don't I get some prize or something?

Hard to believe that this all started out as just a small way to talk about sports. Back on February 16, 2005 I posted my first entry on Ramblings about the death of the NHL season. It was the same day that the Phillies, who were a young up and coming team at the time, opened spring training.

As a sports fan I had been looking for new ways to talk about what was on my mind. Sure, I could have gone to the message boards and other sites but I wanted my own space. I like to believe I caught on to the whole "blog" idea before it became as popular as it is today. I did, but I do not consider myself ahead of my time.

All I wanted to do was post my thoughts online and share them with others freely.

Over the years the site has grown immensely, more than I ever envisioned for sure. Back then I just used a simple template that was one of the basic default layouts provided by the Blogger service. I am embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to realize I could change the links on the side bars and I could add my own pictures. As time went on I dug a little deeper and messed with the layout some more and realized that I could add a third-party layout to the site, which you can see today.

This site has helped me in a number of ways. I have used it as an outlet for sharing my photos, videos in addition to my thoughts on a variety of topics. It has also helped me understand the blogging environment and given me an insight into the new media age. I feel as though I am more informed on the new media than most others are because of this site.

This site has given me the ability to branch out to other sites and ultimately has helped me land my gig with Examiner covering Penn State and college football. This site has influenced me in a number of ways, including helping me to meet new people online.

If not for this site I may have been even farther behind on embracing MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. This site has helped keep me in the loop on a number of social networking events and news and events. This site, as silly as it sounds, has truly become a part of me and although it brings in no true monetary value, I can not speak enough about how the return on it has actually been for me.

This blog has enabled me to better share a number of experiences with you in some way or form.

The NHL lock-out. The start of the steroids issue in baseball. My 2005 World Series prediction of Yankees over Phillies (four years early). My first genuine Phillies blog entry (Tim Worrell, remember him?). The Terrell Owens food drive. The 2005 game between Penn State and Ohio State. My initial thoughts on the naming of the Nintendo Wii. The day I called the Phillies ownership clueless when he suggested they could be competitive in 2007 (they won the NL East division). My 100th post. The day the Phillies won the 2008 NL East title. The day they won the World Series.

If you think I am sounding a little geeky and possibly a little bit like a loser, I believe that is because you do not fully understand the power of new media and social networking. This blog, over the years, has served as my home base for my online presence. It is the driving force behind some of my successes. It has helped me find my voice in a way.

It is true that my rise from 100 posts to 1,000 posts took a lot less time to achieve than the first 100 posts, but that is only because I have embraced the technology more and more and see it as a vital tool in this day and age. I believe my blogging philosophy has grown over time and matured for the most part. The great thing about technology is that everything is always changing. If you do not adapt to changes then you will be left behind. While this blog serves more as a personal outlet than anything else I have not been under so much pressure, but I do like to look good regardless.

I thank you for continuing to stop by and read what I have to say, or watching my videos, or gazing upon my photos. I thank you for your help, your encouragement, and support. Blogging gets a bad name in this day and age but I can see that changing a bit every week. I hope you will continue to stop by as this site marches toward post #2,000 and beyond.

- Kevin


Project 365 - The big catching up dump

Friday, January 15, 2010

I admit that when I set out to execute my Project 365 for this year I had every intention of posting each picture to the blog as its own entry, and I still plan on fulfilling that idea. However it is clear that I fell well behind on performing that daily task. While I have been taking a separate photo each day I have not uploaded it to the site, let alone transferred it to the computer.

So here now is my (hopefully) only time I will dump a bunch of photos in to one post as we play a quick game of catch-up in the Project 365. This will bring us up to today.

Day 4 of 465
Though I do not use many pens during the day other than to jot down a couple notes,
I seem to have an abundant supply of the writing tools.

Day 5 of 365
The remote control. Say what you want about a dog, but this is truly a man's best friend.

Day 6 of 365
Bringing new meaning to the term "alternate endings" in movies.
How epic would this scene have been?

Day 7 of 365
Hard at work? Or hardly working? Ha!

Day 8 of 365
The founding members of my own "Desk of Fame".

Day 9 of 365
Pirates and Imperial soldiers have a common nemesis in the legendary monster monkey! RUN!

Day 10 of 365
These are a few of my favorite things.

Day 11 of 365
All plugged in.

Day 12 of 365
A reminder from my lovely wife.

Day 13 of 365
Look carefully to see the photographer's reflection!

Day 14 of 365
The upstairs ceiling fan at rest.

Day 15 of 365
For breakfast, a pair of raspberry crumpets with a touch of butter and raspberry jam. Delicious!

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14 cool things to do on Twitter

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Twitter. I use it for a number of purposes but realize that everybody finds different ways to best use Twitter to fulfill their needs. That is the beauty of a social networking platform that is so simple in concept.

Penn Olson, a site dedicated to social media and designed to introduce internet users to the different mediums available, has 14 ways people are using Twitter, but here is my favorite one.

14. Curb drunk driving
If nothing so far managed to stop those drivers from drunk driving, maybe shame could finally do the trick. The names of those charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) between Christmas and New Year’s Eve would be published on Twitter. Don’t think your neighbors don’t know what you did last night!

What ways are you using Twitter?


Soccer in Philadelphia? Meh

Danny Mwanga, better known as the guy nobody will recognize in Philadelphia. Getty Images

Philadelphia Union select Mwanga, Okugo, McInerney, Stahl, Nakazawa and Perk in MLS SuperDraft - Philadelphia Union
Union busy at top of MLS draft - Philly.com
Union swings a big trade - Jonathan Tannenwald, Philly.com

Look, I have said it numerous times before but with professional soccer making some headlines in the Philadelphia region yesterday I feel I must share my opinion again.

I am not a soccer fan. While I respect the sport and its place on a global scale, I know nothing about the actual rules of the game, find no enjoyment in watching it, and have no real desire to learn anything more about it. The last time I played soccer was in Pee Wee soccer (I distinctly remember scoring a goal, perhaps my only one, with my eyes closed tightly). With any luck that will still remain my final soccer memory.

In general, I have no interest in the sport of soccer, which means this could very likely be my first and last post on the Philadelphia Union, the expansion team in the MLS.

I do not hope the Union fail. I wish them all the success they can achieve, but I will say now and I will stand firm in saying this; the Union are doomed in Philadelphia.

They will have their small support group, their core group of fans represented by the Sons of Ben, and they will have a smattering of fans here and there. Youth soccer teams will take in a game from time to time, but if anybody is foolish enough to think that the Union will elevate soccer to prominence in Philadelphia, you are sadly mistaken.

I know what soccer fans are thinking though. "Soccer is the world's fastest growing sport!" "Just give it a chance!" "It's the world's sport, so you are being ignorant!" Yeah, yeah, we've heard that all before. Sixteen years ago we were told soccer would take the country by storm when the World Cup came to the United States. Did it grow in popularity? Of course. But did it take the country by storm? No.

When the MLS started up we were told again that this would finally bring soccer to true relevance in the United States. What has happened? Two teams were contracted due to poor attendance. This should not have been a surprise as the league goes through attendance declines more often than not.

Soccer fans, I do not wish to ridicule you for enjoying your favorite sport. Just do not expect me to hop on board in support of it. That is what irritates me the most. Just because the rest of the world likes it does not mean I have to enjoy it. I also will not say that I will avoid the Union at all costs. I have told my soccer loving friend Mike that I would take in a game once, just to see what it is all about, which goes back on what I had previously told my wife about not wanting to ever go. I don't think I will enjoy it but I will make every attempt to go into the game with an open mind. This I can promise you.

Besides, I'll be busy watching the Flyers in the playoffs, March Madness, or the Phillies while soccer is being played. I would rather watch dolphins play soccer anyway.

In closing I ask you, the reader, to give me your reasons for why I should learn to enjoy soccer. I beg of you to educate me!


Flyers offense forgets passport, shut-out by Toronto

Flyers go cold in Toronto - Sam Carchidi, Philly.com
Short circuit: Flyers fall to Leafs to snap win streak - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
Flyers notes: No Fight Night II against Leafs - Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com
Leafs goon it up late, beat Flyers 4-0 - Travis Hughes, Broad Street Hockey

The hot Flyers offense must have had their good sticks fail to pass through customs because for the first time in 17 games the orange and black were shut-out. The four game winning streak also comes to an abrupt end as the Maple Leafs found a way to get back at the Flyers a little bit.

There was some rough stuff the other night when these teams last played, and before this game Toronto called up a tough guy. But the rough stuff was held off until late in the game when Toronto got a cheap hot on Mike Richards.

Remind me again which team has a reputation for being full of nothing but bullies and goons?

That's what I thought.

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Why I love Chase Utley

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I have a feeling the "Chase Utley you are the man!" expression has become my generation's Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points game.

When Wilt scored his 100 points in Hershey Arena in 1962 it was attended by 4,124 fans but there are probably hundreds of thousands of fans who remember being there. I may not be able to tell you exactly where I was when Utley hustled to the point where Harry Kalas was going nuts with enthusiasm for the second baseman, but I know I watched it when it happened. When Kalas proclaimed Utley to be "the man" I knew I had just heard Kalas make one of the most famous calls if his legendary career.

Yesterday The Fightins posted the above video flashback that every Phillies fan surely thinks they remember. Stop by the popular Phillies blog for a little more background on the sequence of events that culminated in the second best call of the decade by Kalas as well as a follow up video.


49 vintage photography masterpieces

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Sixers lose to Knicks as Samuel Dalembert deals with aftermath of Haiti earthquake

The Sixers lost a nail biter to the New York Knicks, but basketball was a bit of an afterthought for some. Getty Images

Just short: Knicks holds off Sixers at the buzzer - Dei Lynam, CSNPhilly.com
Narrow loss to Knicks caps a painful day for Sixers - Bob Cooney, Philly.com
Sixers lose game; earn another ping pong ball in Wall sweepstakes - jsam, Liberty Ballers

Any time a Philadelphia team loses to a New York team you can not help but feel a little stung. Last night the Sixers lost to the Knicks 93-92, but on this night not many people were really focused on the game itself.

Haiti native Dalembert coping with with uncertainty - Dei Lyna, CSNPhilly.com
Haiti and Sam Dalembert - John R. Finger, Finger Food
For Sixers' Dalembert, head in the game, heart in Haiti - Sam Donnellon, Philly.com
All the best to Sam Dalembert and his family - Enrico, The 700 Level

One much maligned Sixers player has a personal connection to Haiti. Samuel Dalembert was born in Haiti and still has connections there between friends and family. This obviously is a tough time for Dalembert so as far as basketball is concerned it is remarkable how he can focus in on the sport while his home country is ravaged in the aftermath of a tremendous earth quake that practically shattered the country.

Nobody can truly understand what Dalembert is going through, but hopefully his family and friends are as safe as they can be at this unpleasent time down south.


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