Two down with Two to Go

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Phillies are down two games in the wild card with two games to play. Doesn't look good and this week has certainly been torture to their chances. Houston once agian gave us a heartbreaking set back, Chase Utley was robbed of a potential game winning homerun the next night, the Phillies did everything they could to lose a game the next (but they won), and then they sat through a 4 and a half hour rain delay before playing the Nationals at 11:30pm or so. Follow that up with the Dodgers coming from a 3-0 deficit against the Giants to win 4-3 and things are not looking good.

It could happen though.

Kevin's Six Pack for the Weekend
Eagles over the Packers
Bears over Seahawks
Panthers over Saints
Penn State over Northwestern
Notre Dame over Purdue
Bloomsburg over Shippensburg


Somebody Give T.O. a Hug

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ok, here's the thing; I think Owens is a phenomenal player and extremely talented with what he does, however I believe he has become a victim of his own ego. I have no sympathy for him after what he did in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and now Dallas. I will say however that I put all of those feelings aside when I hear this story. Obviously it can taken into speculation in many different ways, but if the worst case scenario is true and he did in fact attempt suicide, somebody needs to get in there and help this guy out. Nothing is worth killing yourself for.

While part of me believes that this story ran wild in the media too fast to be controlled, I wouldn't put it past TO to pull a publicity, feel sorry for me stunt like this. If he did attempt suicide I can actually understand what he was thinking.

This guy could have run for mayor in Philadelphia just two years ago and easily won. He then turned on his team, coaches, and organization in pursuit of happiness (more money) under the direction of his annoying, soon to be household name agent. The public scorned him, the media put the cameras on him, but many had a dim light on him. His actions wouldn't stop, he found himself out of Philly and in Dallas, and ever since he signed with the Cowboys he has been the story. Whether it was his relationship with his new coach, his persisting injuries that kept him from practicing, his verbal remarks to the coaches' words in the media or whatever, things just haven't been working out the way he would like. Hence, depression possibly kicks in.

We may never know what really happened with TO because of patient confidentiality and the police keeping mum. The Cowboys will not let this story come out anymore than it already has and we will all wait for Owens to suit up again for the Cowboys. The drama will continue, and we will only see more of TO so get used to it.

How 'bout them Cowboys?


If God says so...

Friday, September 22, 2006


End of Summer Ramblings

Time for a little catch-up rambling on this, the last day of summer...

The Eagles-Giants game did figure to a close one and in close games it usually comes down to kicking. Having David Akers definitely gave the Eagles the advantage, however the most important kick of the game obviously came from Trent Cole. Look for the Eagles to rebound strongly against the 49ers.

Going into this weekend's series against the Marlins, the Phillies are a half game out of the Wild Card lead, behind the Dodgers, and the Phills have the all important game in hand. If they can win more games against the Marlins than they lose, I think the Phills clinch that final playoff spot. And despite what has happened this season, the Phills have the pitching to make some noise come October. I'll throw Myers, Hamels, Moyer, and Lieber out there against any other rotation, have Wolf available for long relief, and Madson and Gordon ready to go for the 8th and 9th and I'll feel good with my chances as long as the hitting can put together a few runs here and there (ie Pat Burrell doesn't look at a third strike everytime the bases are loaded). The National League obviously is weak. The Cardinals' pitching is suspect, the Padres are streaky, the Dodgers have fallen off of late, and the Mets are suspect to a late season collapse under the pressure (plus their pitching is a huge question mark right now). It's simple; pitching wins in October.

Oh, and Ryan Howard is the NL MVP, just in case you were wondering.

Penn State hasn't won in Columbus, Ohio since joining the Big Ten in 1993. Ohio State is ranked #1 going in (PSU is #24/25 depending on the poll) and they're out for revenge on the Nittanys after last year's game, a 17-10 PSU victory and only their second loss of all of last season. Penn State will play better against Ohio State than they did against Notre Dame and I think the wide receivers for Penn State have a big game against the Buckeye secondary. If Penn State can keep it close going into the half, look for Tony Hunt to be the key player the rest of the way. Having said that, I say Ohio State wins a good, close game, 23-17. Then Penn State will go on to win the rest of their games.

Here's today's Enraging Thought of the Day; Why does McDonald's charge a Take Out Tax on their food? Does anybody else do this?

Kevin's Six Pack for the Weekend
Eagles over the 49ers
Seahawks over Giants
Bengals over Steelers
Ohio State over Penn State
California over Arizona State
West Chester over Shippensburg


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