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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Penn State, Phillies, television, movies, music, Nintendo, internet topics and a whole lot more...

Thanks for clicking the link in my Twitter profile. Hopefully after reading this you will have a better understanding of who may be best known to you as @krmcguire!

My name is Kevin McGuire and I am an internet enthusiast, as you probably have already realized. This site here acts as my home base for internet operations if you will. Here on this blog you can usually find my movie reviews, take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with Mario Monday, or find out what I have to say on a number of topics that range from baseball and football to whatever may be happening in the news. I will also be sure to provide you with links to various content I produce on the internet from time to time.

Speaking of which, you can also find me on an almost daily basis on Examiner where I follow college football. I also contribute regularly on Nittany White Out, a popular Penn State fan site. In addition I also contribute to a few other sites, including The 700 Level, Phinally Philly, and Macho Row.

I am always willing to discuss the Phillies and Penn State but I also enjoy discussing the Eagles, Flyers and college football in general. You can also feel free to discuss topics fellow bloggers would be interested in such as social networking, techniques for successful blogging, and the direction of the media in an online generation.

Naturally you can find me on Twitter and I encourage you to feel free to send me a message and discuss anything you wish with me. In addition you can connect with me through Facebook. I am also on MySpace, but in all honesty I do not check it on a regular basis.

As I said, this site serves as my home base, but here are links to my other outlets. In time these will be incorporated more into the flow of this site.

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Finally, here are some links to popular posts on this site...
Again, thank you for clicking on the link in my Twitter profile! Send me a reply @krmcguire to let me know you stopped by and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can! I look forward to interacting with you on Twitter. It really is a wonderful communication tool.

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