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Monday, October 05, 2009

Apple Mighty Mouse concept art via

As a relatively new laptop user the one thing that I find myself having the hardest time adjusting to from my previous life, as a desktop PC user is life without a mouse. Imagine going though life for almost twenty years using your right hand to control your computer actions and then all of a sudden being forced to do without it. That is pretty much what I have been adapting too.

Oh, there are plenty of options available even on a laptop computer. You can hook up a mouse to a laptop just like you would a desktop, but if you give it enough time you will find that you can adjust to the touch pad on a MacBook or MacBook Pro. However, if you are still looking for a peripheral solution that will match the d├ęcor of your new laptop, you can soon breathe a sigh of relief. Apple has announced that their uniquely styled mouse will be receiving a face-lift, and it could be in conjunction with the new lineup of upcoming iMacs.

The Mighty Mouse looks to do away with the ancient roller ball technology and rely on touch based system. The technology would be based off of the influences of the iPhone and iPod Touch and could allow the user to swiftly move between operational procedures and commands by gripping the mouse in different ways.

This kind of news should not be a surprise from a company that is historically in love with innovational designs. The Mighty Mouse would also be available separate of the iMacs too, so laptop users like me may have a worthy alternative soon enough.

Rumor has it that the mouse could be available as early as this year.

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