Football Pool Recapping Week Four

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Alone no more.

In a short amount of time I have become the 1972 Miami Dolphins. After posting the first ever perfect week in the Onexia Football Pool's history last year I have since found myself watching the results of my opponents with a bit more interest from week to week.

While I do not have a bottle of champagne ready to pop when another participant in the football poll takes their first (and sometimes only) loss of the week, I do find myself rooting against teams that I picked in order to remain the only undefeated football pool player in any given week. The perfect example would be last night's Monday night game between the Vikings and Packers.

Going into the game I was guaranteed to not win as I trailed "Alaskan" by seven points (I picked the Vikings with seven points, but Alaskan also picked Minnesota) but I noticed that "Alaskan" had an unblemished week in the pool. So naturally I found myself puling for the Packers (in all honesty I was rooting for them anyway).

With the Vikings picking up the win late last night I am now forced to share the honor and accomplishment with another. "Alaskan" is my 2007 New England Patriots. Congrats "Alaskan", for going undefeated is certainly no easy task. It takes a small amount of skill and a large chunk of luck.
"Alaskan" had his share of luck, much like the 2007
New England Patriots did against the Baltimore Ravens

Here is a look at my results compared against my dad (more on that in a bit) and "Alaskan"... you see that dip from my dad (yellow line)? My dad had a rough week as he put too much stock in one of our favorite quarterbacks, Kerry Collins, and put way too much faith in "Big Game" Tony Romo and the woeful Dallas Cowboys. I picked the Cowboys too because I was taking the Denver Broncos (and Brian Dawkins) for granted, but I only put three points on the game while my dad put 10 points on the big D.

With the 98-75 victory over my dad this week I make up some serious ground, but still trail my dad in the overall points total. Here is the updated progress bar...

What will next week hold in store? Check back next Tuesday to find out!

EDIT: After closer examination, I actually have pulled ahead of my dad in the overall points total. My points are represented by the blue bar while my dad is represented by the orange bar. I will need to figure out a way to make the tight race look better in bar form, as it looks lopsided right now.

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