Here they come, everybody...Sixers start their season tonight

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Poor Sixers. Season openers are supposed to be celebrated. Instead tonight nobody will pay attention to you as your neighbors, the Phillies, are playing a game of some significant importance tonight (more on that one later today).

But fear not, for I have devoted some time to recognize you today. Mind you, this is more of a public service for some of my readers here because I am the last person to ask for an expert opinion on the team, or the sport. But you are Philadelphia so I support you!

When last we saw the Sixers on the court they were putting a mild scare into the eventual Eastern Conference champion Orlando Magic in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The season was supposed to have some potential after the franchise signed Elton Brand, but injuries kept the big name acquisition off the court, forcing guys like Andre Iguodala to step up their game a little more. Last year also gave a chance for young guys like Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young to develop their game a bit.

This season the Sixers look to take the next step. With a new head coach in Eddie Jordan (pictured, right) and a return to the classic Sixers look, the franchise is hoping for a return to their glory years. I like the direction of the team, but I will stop here in my analysis of the team. As I said, I am not exactly a basketball guy so I am the last person to break down the X's and O's of the sport. Heck, I could not even tell you the difference between a Point Guard and a Shooting Guard and a Power Forward.

If you are looking for some guys much better at covering the Sixers than myself, look no further than the following sites;

Sixers4Guidos - This site has now joined the Bloguin Network
Liberty Ballers - a member of SB Naion, which means the community is usually among the best.
The Recliner GM - when they are not talking about the Phillies, there is some excellent Sixers coverage to soak in.

As always I suggest checking out The 700 Level and Phinally Philly for more talk on the Sixers. Looking for a forum? I am not aware of any fantastic Sixers-specific forums, but PhilaPhans is generally a good start for Philadelphia sports discussion. Naturally there is a Sixers section for all things concerning the basketball team. I may stop by from time to time under my Twitter name.

Speaking of Twitter, a number of the current Sixers players are on Twitter for you to follow;
Andre Iguodala | Thaddeus Young | Lou Williams | Royal Ivey

I hope the Sixers do well this season, although I will not say I will be glued to my television watching them. When it comes to the Sixers I pay attention from a bit of a distance, until the playoffs roll around. Good luck to them this season! Hoping for an improbably Atlantic Division championship banner to hang from the rafters!

I'm not going to think about an even more unlikely NBA Championship banner...yet.

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