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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Every morning I update Stef's iPod with the latest podcasts and make sure to pack it in her purse before she leaves for work. It's just a little something I try to do to help her out in the morning. But today I forgot to put the iPod in her purse. I noticed it right after she left for work so I figured I would follow her and meet her in a parking lot before she got too far into her trip. Of course when I called her to let her know I had her iPod I heard her phone ringing in the bedroom. She charged it over night and I forgot to make sure she had her phone too, as I usually do as well.

So I ended up driving all the way to her work to deliver the technological necessities of the every day working woman - cell phone and iPod.

On my unscheduled morning road trip I found myself doing some things I rarely do these days and making some observations I typically do not run into in the morning.

  • I never listen to ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the morning but I tried to give them a chance this morning as I pretty much refuse to listen to the 610 WIP morning show unless Angelo Cataldi and Rhea Hughes are on vacation. I lasted about five minutes with Mike and Mike as Greenburg was going nowhere with his idea of expanding the baseball playoffs to 16 teams. I actually do not listen to radio or music in the mornings as I usually watch Sports Rise, Good Morning America, CNN, or Saved by the Bell reruns as I chow down on my morning cereal and toast. After this morning I will stick with podcasts should I desire some listening material.
  • Best licence plate of the morning- "UR OK"
  • To the scruffy pick-up driver who went straight before letting me turn left (I was next in line to make my move at the intersection - I was supposed to go after the lady in front of this guy) - I hope you get pulled over.
  • At what point do some people decide they don't need to use turn signals?
  • I think it is absurd how close some bus stops are to each other. Two driveways away should be ONE stop!
  • I love the way the leaves change colors this time of year. Looking forward to a drive up to State College, PA this weekend just for that reason.
  • When I got home the first episode of Saved by the Bell was on TBS, not including the original episodes from Good Morning Miss Bliss.

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