Yard Barker and The Madden Curse Quiz

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

It's been a while since I dropped by YardBarker, but I decided to check it out today. I realized that there is a lot more content than I remember. Maybe I didn't take the time to notice these things before or perhaps content has been added since I last checked it out, I don't know.

What I like about Yard Barker is the verified athletes they have blogging for them. Among the sports stars that blog at Yard Barker are Donovan McNabb, Baron Davis, Greg Oden, and Dontrelle Willis and more. I subscribe to McNabb's blog and while he doesn't exactly break news it is nice to read the thoughts coming from your team's centerpiece from time to time.

Having verified athlete's and their blogs is nice, but Yard Barker has more to offer than blogs. You can use it to network with fans of teams or players and use it to host or promote your own sports themes blog. You can promote stories existing on the site by "barking" it up. There is something for everybody, from major league baseball, college and professional football, basketball, hockey, NASCAR, soccer etc.

Something I just picked up on are the quizzes.

I found a list of quizzes that have made available and decided to take a stab at one; The Madden Curse Quiz. The questions is simple; How many cover athletes can you name for the Madden series of video games since the 2000 edition. I correctly guessed six out of ten in the four minutes allotted. You can take it here.

Check out the rest of the quizzes and test your sports knowledge. Good luck!

EDIT: Answers to the Madden Curse Quiz

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