Answers to The Madden Curse Quiz

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yesterday I told you about Yard Barker and The Madden Curse Quiz I found on the site. Here are the answers...

Madden 2000 - Barry Sanders - He's in there, trust me
(Dorsey Levens was published on later copies of the game after Sanders retired)

Madden 2001 - Eddie George

Madden 2002 -Daunte Culpepper

Madden 2003 - Marshall Faulk

Madden 2004 -Michael Vick

Madden 2005 - Ray Lewis

Madden 2006 - Donovan McNabb

Madden 2007 -Shaun Alexander

Madden 2008 - Vince Young

Madden 2009 -Brett Favre

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