Eagles Vs. Cowboys, Phillies Sneaking Up On Mets (Again)

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) take on the Dallas Cowboys (1-0) in Big D tonight on Monday Night Football. I picked the Eagles as my one point game tonight in my football pool and to be honest, as I type this I am much more confident than the 1 point might suggest. Of course on game day I am always more confident than I should be.

I have a bet with Geeding, site owner of BagofNothing, regarding tonight's game (he's a Cowboys fan). If the Eagles win he'll link to here in one of his posts, and the Cowboys win I have to upload a degrading picture in one of my posts. As much as I would love to talk about the Eagles and Cowboys, there is something else going on in South Philadelphia...

The Phillies completed a double header sweep of the Brewers, to complete a four game sweep, and in doing so found themselves tied for the Wild Card lead. The Phillies started the series four games behind the Brewers. Meanwhile, in Flushing, New York...

...Greg Norton (who?) hit a pinch hit three run homerun in the top of the ninth inning to give the Braves a 5-4 lead over the Mets. The Braves would add a couple more runs and win 7-5. The Mets lead shrivels to one game in the NL East over the Phillies.

Below is how the National League playoff match-ups would be if the post season started today. Granted the Brewers and Phillies would have to play a one game playoff, but you can not tell me that this would be the dream match-up for Major League Baseball; having the Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia markets in the National League playoffs? Not too shabby in the American League either with Boston Red Sox vs. the LA Angels and Chicago White Sox vs. the Tampa Bay Rays. Well, three out of four ain't bad.

I am confident that the Phillies are going to make the playoffs. I should have learned my lesson last year and that is to not count this team out. Last year they came back from being down 7.5 games to the Mets with 17 games to play. That makes this year look like a walk in the park. The schedule (on paper) is in the Phillies' favor...

@ Atlanta (3 games)
@ Florida (3)
Atlanta (3)
Washington (3)

@ Washington (4)
@ Atlanta (3)
Chicago (4)
Florida (3)

The Mets do have two game sin hand on the Phillies so that's not good news, but the last seven games for the Mets should be tougher slate than the Phillies' final home stand. Time will tell. The Wild Card looks to be the most likely ticket in though...

As for the Brewers?

@ Chicago (3)
@ Cincinatti (3)
Pittsburgh (3)
Chicago (3)

Six games against the Cubs?

Gotta feel bad for the Astros (well maybe you don't). They fought back hard and found themselves tied with the Phillies, two games behind the Brewers. then Hurricane Ike comes, cancels two games, forces a relocation for "home" games to Milwaukee against the Chicago Cubs, and then Carlos Zambrano, coming off of a tired shoulder, throws a no-hitter. While the Phillies were getting themselves tied for the Wild Card lead the Astros failed to pick up ground and still sit two games back.

With the season coming down the stretch it's time to start pumping out the Phillies posts. Each day I'll try posting my thoughts on the Phillies' playoff situation. Right now, things are looking good.

As for the Eagles game, check back tomorrow win or lose.

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