Phillies defend their home turf, extend World Series to a Game Six

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Two of my favorite Phillies doing their thing.

Last night was a nerve racking game for me as a Phillies fan, but they got it done. Behind Cliff Lee on the mound and Chase Utley's Wonderboy bat the Phillies defeated the Yankees in game five at Citizens Bank Park. After dropping two games to the American League rivals up north the Phillies had to win last night to keep the champagne from being poured all over their own building in the visiting clubhouse.

Now the World Series heads back to New York, where the Phillies have won three times in 2009 (two regular season and game one of the World Series). Pedro Martinez will take the mound for the Phillies and I can not help but feel strangely confident in what will unfold tomorrow night. I consider Martinez a Wild Card and those always work well when playing Uno.

This thing is going seven games. I'm feeling it.

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