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Monday, November 02, 2009

Well neither game was pretty for my Phillies fans. In fact I wish the whole weekend had never happened and we could just start over. The Phillies were uncharacteristically sloppy on defense, the starting pitching and relief pitching continued to find ways to keep the momentum from swinging in favor of the home team, and the Phillies enter tonight in a must win situation.

With the Phillies down 3-1 there is no pitcher I would rather see taking the mound tonight than Cliff Lee. I have faith that Lee will perform in a manner in which Curt Schilling did back 1993. In the same scenario (Phillies down 3-1 in the World Series), Schilling dazzled everybody with a complete game 2-0 win to send the World Series back to Toronto for a game six (after that I sort of blocked out what developed north of the border).

Lee has been the best pitcher for the Phillies all postseason and I'm not sold that the Yankees' A.J. Burnett can duplicate his success from game two. All that matters is winning tonight's game. I am not going to worry about any future games in New York because for me it is all about tonight. A loss tonight and the season is over and I do not feel like this Phillies team will finish this storied season like this.

Below is the latest little video I put together to bring you up to speed on the World Series (in case you have not been watching - and I am pretty confident in saying that most of you reading this have been watching).

Hang in there Phillies fans. It ain't over!

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