Another rough week of football picking

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It was another disappointing weekend of football picking for me this past weekend. Once again the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to laugh in my face as they quickly drop from Super Bowl champs to Wild Card pursuing chumps. However, given that everybody put big points on the Steelers against the Kansas City Chiefs, the loss didn't hurt me too badly (in fantasy football it is a different story though).

Even putting 14 points on the Cincinnati Bengals was not my ultimate down fall. Instead it was the late decision to put eight points on the Carolina Panthers. I had debated strongly picking the Miami Dolphins in the game but in the end I went with the Panthers on Thursday night at home. Had I gone with the Dolphins I would have been in position to finish ahead of my dad. The football poo would still have been out of reach though as "Robbie" had an unbelievably good week, recording a week high of 110 points. His success meant playing it risky on my Houston Texans with 16 points made no difference in the weekly prize.

As my weekly performance made a slight upturn, my dad saw his spike over the last few weeks continue to climb. Of course this is terrible news for me as the margin between us grows even more. At this point it is just about impossible to catch him before the season ends.

Thankfully I will be visiting the other side of the family this Thanksgiving, sparing me from the inevitable comments to rub it in about my ineptitude in picking games.

My fantasy football team also fell short of a victory this week to "Koy Detmer's Neck Beard", thanks in large part to Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and, ironically for me, Steve Slaton and Andre Johnson of the Texans. Donovan McNabb did all he could for me, but once again the Steelers defense chokes away another chance at a win for me.

The playoffs start this week though so we will see how far I can go. The opening round opponent is The Phrontiersmen. In the last meeting I came away with a dominating victory, which was the lone bright spot from my virtual football weekend.

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