DVD Ranger 2.8.1 could fulfill my DVD ripping needs

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I do not normally have a need to rip my DVD's but if I did I might give a good look at

You can download the free three day trial from their website if you are a Windows user (sorry, no Mac versions). It is compatible with Windows xp, Windows Vista and of course Windows 7.

The basic features of DVD-Ranger allow a user to backup their DVD collection with backups of 1:1 to DVD9 or shrinking an entire DVD to a DVD5 if needed. Users can also transfer their DVD to a number of devices, such as an iPod, PSP, Zune or laptop. ISO creation is another method covered by DVD Ranger and the ability to backup just the movie form a DVD is available as well.

Want to transfer your DVD to a BluRay disc? No problem. You can fit up to ten DVD movies on one BluRay disc. The most notable feature though may be the HotFix Manager. Here is what the DVD Ranger website says about the HotFix Manager...

The HotFix Manager is a small utility that allows users to quickly and simply fix most DVD copy errors. The resulting HotFix database is also ideal for any processes developed with our DVD-Ranger. For example, you can use it for fixing the newest DVD releases that are not part of the current DVD-Ranger version!
The HotFix Manager is a brand new function that comes included with the DVD-Ranger software application. Take a minute to read the short manual; you’ll see the advantages of using the HotFix Manager for optimized DVD copies.

This technology would be nice to use. I can not tell you how many times I have attempted to burn a CD or DVD only to have something fail somewhere before completion, there by ruining the disc and rendering it useless. That disc always finds a new home in the trash can.

So without any further delay, head over to DVD-Ranger's website and click the download button for the three day trial and let me know what you think of it!


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