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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost returns to tv tonight with the premiere of the fifth season. Awesome. What's going to happen this time around? The Oceanic Six now have to return to the island, so says Ben who is also off the island. Jack is a mess, Kate is raising Aaron, Sayid is working for Ben, Hurley was being taken out of a mental institution by Sayid, and Sun is seeking out Penny's father.

Here are this year's questions for The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack contest. Unfortunately for you the contest locked at noon today, but feel free to share your answers in the comments section, or post them on your own site of choice and let me know about it. That way we can track it and compete against each other.

  1. Which of the following characters will speak first in episode one? Kate, Jack, Ben, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer
  2. Which of the following will speak last in season five? Kate, Jack, Ben, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer
  3. Will we see Claire holding Aaron in her arms this season? Yes
  4. Will we see Sun and Jin kiss? Yes
  5. Will Sawyer and Juliet kiss? No
  6. Will Hurley shoot someone? No
  7. Will Jack cry? Yes
  8. Will Faraday be seen without his tie? No
  9. Will Kate return to the island? Yes
  10. Will Sawyer shoot someone? Yes
  11. How many episodes will Hurley be in? 13
  12. How many episodes will Abidan be in? 6
  13. How many episodes will Jin be in? 4
  14. How many episodes will Charlotte be in? 12
  15. Will we see Charlie this season? No
  16. Will we see Libby this season? No
  17. Will Faraday and Charlotte kiss? No
  18. Will someone shoot Miles? Yes
  19. Will we see the 4-Toed Statue? No
  20. Will Ben and Penny have a scene together? Yes
  21. Will we see Hurley's dad again? Yes
  22. Will we see Helen (Locke's girlfriend) again? No
  23. How many episodes will Rose appear in? 7
  24. How many episodes will Bernard appear in? 7
  25. Will we find out that either Rose or Bernard at one time worked for Dharma? No
  26. Will we find out that Ben has another child? No
  27. Will we see Walt again? No
  28. Will we see Boone again? No
  29. Who will be the first main character that Sawyer gives a nickname to? Faraday
  30. Will Sayid go the whole season without shooting someone? No
  31. Will anyone mention Nicky or Paolo's name? No
  32. How many times will Hurley say "Dude"? 32
My answers in bold. We will revisit these questions after each broadcast. Questions that are verified will turn to green for correct responses and red for incorrect responses. There is a point system in the actual contest but here I will just be tallying right and wrong choices at one point a piece.

So don't forget, there are three hours of Lost on tonight. At 8pm EST there is a one hour special that recaps everything that has happened leading up to the season premiere. Then at 9pm EST the season gets rolling with two hours of all new Lost.

Again, feel free to leave your Lost thoughts, questions, theories, and question responses in the comments section if you feel so inclined.

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