Harry Kalas Gets Disrespected

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pop quiz hot shot. Who is the better sports broadcaster when comparing an entire career?

In the left corner, national broadcaster for Fox Sports, covering the top NFL and MLB games every weekend and through out the playoffs, Joe Buck!

And in the right corner, legendary voice of NFL Films and Hall of Fame baseball announcer, the Voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, Harry Kalas!

According to a recent top 50 list voted by members of the American Sportscasters Association Joe Buck is ten spots better than Harry the K. Buck is listed at #31 in the op 50 list and Kalas is #41. Say what now?

How can a Hall of Fame broadcaster be voted below one of the most mediocre national broadcasters of the recent generation? You might be saying "But Kevin you are being biased" or "But Kevin Harry has seen better days" and you would be right on both counts. That still does not mean that Kalas should be higher than Buck, or Chris Berman (#35), or Bill Walton (#39), shouldn't he?

Shame on the voters who took part in this ranking. I believe that the only reason for "Best of" lists like this is to stir up conversation and debate. I guess you can declare me guilty of this. While I vent my frustrations here, fellow Phillies fans should check out the rant on The Fightins on the topic. Caution: strong language contained in link (not my responsibility).

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