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Friday, January 30, 2009

Congratulations! You have survived another week in the year 2009! How did you do it? I apologize for the lack of posts this week but as I have previously mentioned, it was a busy week for me.

I had two job interviews (one was a second interview for a job) and both went well. We'll see how it pans out for me though next week. I have a 24 post scheduled for later today and a Lost post scheduled for tomorrow. Sunday will be a day of blogging rest and Monday will be the long awaited return of Mario Monday. Mario Monday took off for Martin Luther King day and slept past its alarm this week.

And now, some links to kill some time today. Enjoy! All links today were Found via Digg.

Movie Traffic Stops Gone Bad - This is a nice compilation of classic traffic stop scenes in some classic movies. I admit this link would be better if there was video included instead of still shots.

Mad Libs Men - I love the show Mad Men on AMC. I never really got into Mad Libs back in the day but I know it was popular with kids my age. This video combines them in a funny video.

Fire in space - In case you ever wondered what it would look like?

Lego Mario - I could have saved this for a Mario Monday but I do not think I could wait long enough, so here you go.

Duck Hunt Level 100 Error - Speaking of classic Nintendo, what happens when you reach level 100 in Duck Hunt? I can not imagine playing the game long enough to find out. Another reason why YouTube is great!

6 Things you need to know about Windows 7 - If you were unaware, Microsoft's latest operating system (Windows Vista) was anything but a success. The beta of Windows 7 has been out for a bit now and the reviews are starting to pour in. This review suggests that it may slow down the defections to Mac but may still not be ideal for businesses.

Multiple Windows 7 versions coming? - Perhaps Microsoft did not learn one of their lessons from the Vista product?

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight? - 27.

Things you Never Noticed in Famous Pictures - I will leave you with this. Take a moment to take a second look at these classic pictures. They may make you chuckle. I had a deep appreciation for number two on the list.

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