The Lucky Seat Rule: Plausible

Monday, January 19, 2009

I will never again watch an NFC Championship game with my friend Mike. In fact I may never watch an Eagles game with him again period. No, my old friend was not a poor host (quite the opposite), but I think the Eagles' record when we watch a game together is now 0-4, including 0-3 in the NFC championship game.

Do you believe in the lucky seat rule? The premise is that if things are going well for your team that everybody must remain in their seats. That seemed to be working yesterday. Nobody I was watching the game with moved during the first dreadful half as the Eagles went into halftime down 24-6. When the second half started a number of us switched seats, not really taking the lucky seat rule into account. But then something started to happen.

All of a sudden we were jumping up exchanging high fives in anticipation that the Eagles might be going to the Super Bowl. It was then that we realized that the lucky seat rule was working. But then this happened...

...and so ends the legacy of the lucky seat rule.

Do you believe in the Lucky Seat Rule? I wonder if the getting up to refill drinks and bathroom breaks interfered with the success of the comeback. After the Eagles took the lead there was a massive shuffling of people in the apartment. While everybody returned to their now lucky seats, the heavy motion may have disturbed the balance of the rule and upset the football gods. As it stands now, I deem this rule plausible.
So the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl. I have no problem admitting that I will be rooting for them in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I feel the Steelers will win the game but there is nothing I loathe about the Cardinals. They are a likable team. For as classy an organization the Steelers are and are hyped to be, it was pretty despicable of them to be playing music while Ravens running back Willis McGahee was laying motionless on the ground for all that time.

The unwritten rule is that when a player is injured on the ground you don't play music, even if it is a player on the opposing team, in this case a bitter rival. Shame on you Steelers! shame on you.

But hey, the Phillies got a deal with Cole Hamels the other day and are still the world champions of baseball!

Philadelphia's championship drought now stands at one.

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