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Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Friday everybody! You made it through another week so why not check out some links to kill some time before the whistle blows and you head home from work today?

Top 16 Most Bizarre Traffic Lights - I hope you do not encounter any of these on your way home from work or if you are doing any traveling this weekend. (Found via @guykawasaki)

Google Data During Inauguration - Notice the major drop in Google's traffic when President Obama was taking the muffed up oath... (Found via BagofNothing)

Twitter Data During Inauguration - ...and compare that with the traffic that Twitter was encountering! (Found via Twitter Blog)

Obama's Speech Annotated - Speaking of which, here is a breakdown of his first speech as president. (Found via Digg)

Ten Websites that will matter in 2009 - Surprisingly this site is not on the list. Perhaps it was #11? (Found via Digg)

Eight bad tech habits to quit in the new year - Loud talking on cell phones is on the list, as well as Rickrolling. (Found via Digg)

Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games? - Possibly. (Found via Digg)

Top 10 SNES Music of All Time - While we can probably put to rest the all time adjective for a retro gaming system this is a post from a brand new blog dedicated to 16 bit gaming. As the blogger states "To date, I've realistically probably logged 5,000 hrs of SNES gameplay alone... point of pride or shame?..." No need to be ashamed on this site. Your nerdy quirks are welcomed in open arms. My personal favorites on the list ar #8 and #6. (Found via Digg)

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