Orchestral Doogie Howser

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend. I only watched as far as Weekend Update and remember why I don't watch SNL any more. It is not as funny as it used to be. It's not even close, but when a good host like Harris is on it is worth watching. Clearly Harris was the best person on that night.

My favorite skit as far as Weekend Update was the digital short, which you can see below (until NBC catches on and has it removed from YouTube)...

I wish Doogie Howser was still being shown in repeats on something like Nick at Night or TV Land or ion. Anything! Somebody please play this show!

Harris had a good monologue going until the SNL cast members jumped in. I am not exactly sure what the whole gag with Mark Wahlberg was about though. It just seemed like the cast members jokes went on about a minute (or two) too long. The skit in which the characters of various Broadway musicals come together to unite to save Broadway was a good one as well.

I still have the second half of the episode on my DVR so at some point I'll watch the rest of the show.

Here is the Broadway skit I mentioned above.

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