Are You Excited for Lost?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I know I am and it should be no surprise to learn that Stef is beaming with excitement for the return of Lost. While it is still two weeks away it is still something to look forward to. To kill the time in the next fourteen days I recommend you get refreshed on what happened in season four. Stef and I are watching the DVDs for the season now. Honestly it might be my favorite season so far. Desmond's episode where he is not flashing back but rather he is traveling through time in The Constant.

Not to be lost (pun semi-intended) in my enthusiasm for the return of Lost is the fact that my favorite show on tv, 24, returns this weekend! Season six of the show left a lot to be desired and suffered more than any other season to combine multiple plot lines. To have Wayne Palmer be cast as President seemed odd to me and the character suffered from never being able to compare to past presidents on the show. With the extra time off as a lingering effect of the writer's strike last year I am confident that 24 will be able to reestablish itself as a high quality show.

The previews of the upcoming seventh season tell us that Jack Bauer learns that his old friend, whom he though had died in his arms, Tony Almeida is in fact alive and apparently up to no good shenanigans. Seeing as the government forces never seem to be able to catch the bad guy in 24 land they turn to Bauer to bring him in. Many people believe that Tony being alive is proof that last season was poorly written, but I for one never believed he was dead. I still have to go back to the DVD and examine the scenes in detail, but I was never convinced Tony was killed off. There was no silent clock leading to a commercial, which is a trademark move when a key character is killed, and the transition was too rushed for a character that was one of the few remaining original characters from the first season. There was no way Tony would be disrespected like that. Maybe that is why he appears to be evil this season?

I'll give my 24 predictions later on but I imagine that at some point Jack will find out that Tony has his hands tied and that eventually Tony will do something for Jack that will help his investigation. Just a hunch. Although I do love the fact that Tony is evil. I always thought there was something sinister about him that was waiting to be unleashed.

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