Sixers fire blanks at Wizards, Iverson to stay on board

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wizards shoot by Sixers - Kate Fagan,
Vanishing act: Wizards rally to defeat Sixers - Dei Lynam,

Another day, another loss for the home town NBA team. The Sixers let a healthy lead slip through their hands as the Washington Wizards completed a three game season sweep. How many teams get swept in a season by the Wizards AND Clippers?

How bad are the Wizards? Of their eleven wins this season, three have come against the Sixers. The Sixers now have the fourth worst record in the league. I'm not a basketball expert here, but doesn't this team have too much talent to only have won ten games this season? I am not claiming that the Sixers should be up at the top of the Eastern Conference with the Celtics or Cavaliers, but to be behind the Wizards, Pacers and Knicks?

Seems to me as though Eddie Jordan is not working out.

Oh and if you did not notice, extra credit to Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers beat reporter Kate Fagan.

Whether she came up with it or not, somebody on the staff has a sense of humor. Gilbert Arenas of the Wizards is in the thick of a gun controversy within the team locker room, so after the Wizards defeated the Sixers the lead on the game recap had a play on words (pictured, right).

Iverson's contract with Sixers guaranteed for remainder of season -
For better or for worse, the team had to come to a decision yesterday on whether or not to keep Allen Iverson on the team for the remainder of the season. Perhaps in an attempt to stay in the news they opted to guarantee Iverson's contract for the rest of 2009-2010 season. If you ask me this is a good move. As poor as this team is playing, letting go of a franchise icon would not have gone over well with the fan base.

You know what would make basketball more interesting in Philadelphia? Crazy dunks from down town and basketballs that set the net on fire.

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