The Rock before he was emasculated

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm sorry but I am not buying "The Rock" as the "Tooth Fairy." Perhaps if they had stuck to the Disney idea to rename him the Molenator, but that is not the case.

Today in movie theaters across America Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will star in his latest Disney film, Tooth Fairy. While I am positive that his financial earnings with his Disney film, much like Race to Witch Mountain, will be more than welcomed, one must wonder if he feels like he sold his soul?

His loud-mouth, butt-kicking, arrogant soul that is.

I remember a time when "The Rock" was the reason I snuck in some wrestling on television when it was socially unacceptable within my family (truth is it probably sill is - but I do not regret hiding this form them). I remember watching The Rock electrify the crowd in arenas, and the dorm rooms at Shippensburg on Monday and Thursday nights (Smackdown used to be on Thursday nights).

I know I do not strike you as a wrestling fan, and that is because I am not. But I do find myself drawn in by good entertainment, and when the Rock was with a microphone in the WWF/WWE arena, there were few as captivating as him. So it amazes me that today The Rock is now a Disney star making movies geared for kids.

Hey, more power to him. I do hope he will make some movies again with a little more juice to them, like Walking Tall or The Rundown. Check them out. the try to picture the guy with fairy wings and tights.

In honor of the release of Tooth Fairy I decided to take a dip through the archives and share some classic Rock moments, so we can remember just how cool he used to be*.

Here is the Rock rocking State College, PA

* If Dwayne Johnson really is reading this then he should know that I still totally think he is cool and would love to hang out with him just once. He could even call me a candy-ass and pour me a nice tall glass of shut-up juice etc. etc. etc. Because I still smell what the cooking.

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