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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

I may have my eyes set on the Nexus One from Google, but what if you are looking for an alternative that comes with a pre-paid plane? The folks of Boost Mobile recently contacted me to help spread the word about their latest addition to their popular line-up. The SANYO Incognito (model number SCP-6760) is a device that Sprint hopes will carry the company through 2010.

Not having tried my hands on this phone personally I can only base my opinion off of what I have come across online. Here are some of the basic facts about the phone that I find to be important on any decision making process. Of course, be sure to consult your nearest retailer and ask them any questions before following through with any purchase.

  • $129.99 (before taxes) for the phone. If you order online you will receive free shipping.
  • Unlimited plan for $50/month with no contract required.
So to use this phone you would be looking at a price of about $190 for the first month, including the purchase of the phone. So is the phone worth the cost?

CNET and PC Magazine both liken the SANYO Incognito to the Pantech Impact available on AT&T's network., but when push comes to shove both reviews lean slightly to the Impact. The Incognito was rated Good (3 out of 5) by PC Magazine and Very Good (3.5 out of 5) by CNET last month so there does seem to be some promise here.

Some of the criticism on the phone is directed at the design. From what I can tell it looks to be slightly clunky, but I will admit that I have never used a phone with a pull out keyboard the way the Incognito uses. Perhaps it is just a matter of adjusting, as millions of texting teenagers and celebrities have already done. I still use a pretty standard flip phone.

The Incognito comes with a 2MP camera, which by today's standards seems weak. My wife's new HTC Eris has a 5 MP camera and my almost three year old phone has a 2MP resolution, so I would expect more from a phone being released today when it comes to the digital camera. But in addition to the camera the Incognito also has video recording capabilities (again at 2MP resolution though), music and video playback functionality, and has the ability to browse the web. Naturally it also sends and receives text messages and can make phone calls if you so wish. Syncing the Incognito up to your favorite social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter are no problem either. Just use the EVDO capabilities and the full QWERTY keyboard to get started quickly.

Here is a closer look at the SANYO Incognito from CNET...

So what do you think? Is the SANYO Incognito a good fit for you or a friend or family member? Feel free to discuss your experience with the phone in the comments below. Not being a true cell phone geek I will not likely be able to answer any questions you may have about this particular device, but I am confident that the customer service staff at Boost Mobile would love to help you out. Contact them through their customer support contact form, or check out their frequently asked questions.

If you have used this phone please let my readers (and me!) know what you think! To close, here is a slide show of photos of the SANYO Incognito.

Photos courtesy of Boost Mobile

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