Project 365 - The big catching up dump

Friday, January 15, 2010

I admit that when I set out to execute my Project 365 for this year I had every intention of posting each picture to the blog as its own entry, and I still plan on fulfilling that idea. However it is clear that I fell well behind on performing that daily task. While I have been taking a separate photo each day I have not uploaded it to the site, let alone transferred it to the computer.

So here now is my (hopefully) only time I will dump a bunch of photos in to one post as we play a quick game of catch-up in the Project 365. This will bring us up to today.

Day 4 of 465
Though I do not use many pens during the day other than to jot down a couple notes,
I seem to have an abundant supply of the writing tools.

Day 5 of 365
The remote control. Say what you want about a dog, but this is truly a man's best friend.

Day 6 of 365
Bringing new meaning to the term "alternate endings" in movies.
How epic would this scene have been?

Day 7 of 365
Hard at work? Or hardly working? Ha!

Day 8 of 365
The founding members of my own "Desk of Fame".

Day 9 of 365
Pirates and Imperial soldiers have a common nemesis in the legendary monster monkey! RUN!

Day 10 of 365
These are a few of my favorite things.

Day 11 of 365
All plugged in.

Day 12 of 365
A reminder from my lovely wife.

Day 13 of 365
Look carefully to see the photographer's reflection!

Day 14 of 365
The upstairs ceiling fan at rest.

Day 15 of 365
For breakfast, a pair of raspberry crumpets with a touch of butter and raspberry jam. Delicious!

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