BOOM SHAKA LAKA! NBA Jam coming to Nintendo Wii!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

EA Sports has announced that they will be bringing back a classic arcade, and to many a home console hit, and it will be exclusively available on the Nintendo Wii. That title is none other than NBA Jam! I'm heating up just thinking about the updated NBA licensed title.

For those who do not remember the great times that wre had on NBA Jam then you are likely in for a treat with the upcoming remake. Flaming basketballs, wild shots, crazy dunks, 2-on-2 arcade play, classic announcer, an entire roster of secret players like Bill (and Hillary) Clinton, mascots and no-fouls made for a good time whenever played! I just hope that EA Sports does not hack the traditional style too much in the remake.

Many questions should be asked though.

Will it be playable on-line?
This, to me, is a must as NBA Jam is tailored for multii-player fun, being an arcade game. I'm sure multi-player will be available on the same console, and given it is being produced by EA Sports I would assume an on-line mode would be created. This could open the doors for some outstanding on-line interaction; NBA Jam tournaments, rankings, create a player and share a player? Huge potential here.

Will it make use of the Wii Motion Plus?
Perhaps enhanced WiiMotion Plus features could allow for certain styles of dunks with a specific motion.

What do you remember most about the original NBA Jam? What do you hope to see in the exclusive Wii title? Feel free to discuss in the comments.

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