[Video] 8-bit Trip combines classic games and LEGO with a beat

Monday, September 07, 2009

What do you get when you combine a remix of classic 8-bit video game sounds and LEGO? Only the greatest music video ever created!

I discovered this video via Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day. Here is what they say the background story on this video is...
"To promote their song "8-bit trip", the Swedish band Rymdreglage decided to put together a BrickFilm as the music video for the song. It wound up being a pretty spectacular BrickFilm, very craftsmenlike in it's use of bricks and plates to create something of high-resolution look. One moment we're seeing a large sculpture build itself, the next we're seeing flawless mosaics animate a scene (or render various classic video game characters). Technically proficient and animated in a more professional manner than most BrickFilms I've seen, this one's a winner just on the merits as a LEGO creation, before you factor in how well the video game references work."

Fine job. How many classic video games can you pick out from this video?

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