A letter to Brad Lidge

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dear Brad Lidge,

I want you to know something. You will always hold a very special piece of my heart. If not for your valiant efforts in the 2008 season my favorite baseball team, one of which I have been watching for a long time and was raised on, may not have won the World Series. Because of you I was fortunate enough to witness my first championship parade, invest in a new collection of t-shirts, and have the chance to brag about my team being the best team in the sport.

I won't forget that, and I promise you that there is not a Phillies fan alive that would. You see, because of that championship season in 2008 the truth is when we look back at the players on this team years from now, we will all look upon each player fondly. Guys like Eric Bruntlett and So Taguchi, believe it or not, will always have a special place in Philadelphia for being a part of the team that ended the drought.

You were a guy that many argued had a fighter's chance at the National League MVP award. You were the guy who was the one we had faith in. You were the guy that gave us all a memory to cherish.

You were the guy.

Today, I am not sure who the guy is, but I have finally come to the point where I realize it is not you. With all due respect Brad, I do not feel I can trust you in a tight game. I know you have more saves than not this season, but for the good of this team this season I honestly feel it is best for you to take a back seat.

Mind you, I am not suggesting you be thrown to the curb. I am prepared to see you close games in 2010 from start to finish. But this team has something special going for them and the major weakness unfortunately comes in your position. If the Phillies are to have a legitimate chance at advancing to the World Series and making a run at a repeat, something has to be done.

For that reason Brad, if the decision were left to me, you would be done for this season. I'm sorry. I hope you understand. I do not hate you. I will not send you angry postal mail. See, I respect you. I just hope you respect this team enough to understand why you should not be closing.


P.S. Please tell your friend Ryan Madson that I have not forgotten about him and he should expect a letter from me shortly.

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