Football Pool Recapping Week Two

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The second week of the football was not as kind to me as the season's opening week. But only one participant broke triple digits in point total this week so congratulations to "Raider Mike".

My personal downfall came in putting too much stock on John Kuhn and the Green Bay Packers (11 points vs. Cincinnati Bengals at home), the arrogant New England Patriots (12 points at New York Jets), and the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers (14 points at Chicago Bears). Yesterday I was celebrating the atrocious place kicking performance of the Steelers' Jeff Reed as his act put my fantasy team up by half a point going into Monday night. Little did I know that Dallas Clark, my fantasy tight end, would have a career night and I would go on for an easy victory regardless (more on that later). So I pit this week on you Reed!

Here is a look at my updated chart for my progress in the football pool this year.

As you can see, everybody took a dip this week but the difference between my picks and the winner's picks increased. You will also notice that my dad came away with a narrow victory over me this week, by one stinking point.

Here is an update on the year log competition between my dad and I.

Tune in next week for a look at week three!

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