Book Review: Penn State Football - The Complete Illustrated History

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The following is an excerpt from my recent book review of Penn State Football: The Complete Illustrated History I wrote for Examiner. To read the full review, click here.

Penn State football is a cultural staple in central Pennsylvania. Plain blue and white uniforms aside the scenery alone is enough to make a visit to Happy Valley on a Saturday in the fall.

Fans have been making the pilgrimage to State College since 1881, six years before the university was founded. There have been countless images that will last a lifetime in the history of the Penn State football program, and now there is a book that collects them all in one place, fit enough to set on your coffee table.

Penn State Football: The Complete Illustrated History, is just that. In 192 pages Penn State fans will read about the rich traditions and historic games and iconic figures that make up Penn State football. From Rip Engle to Joe Paterno, from John Cappelletti to Ki-Jana carter, from Leroy Scholl to Daryll Clark, every piece of Penn State football is covered in beautiful fashion.

Authored by Barry Wilner and Ken Rappoport will assure the most hard core fans will be satisfied with this publication. Wilner has authored 27 previous books on a number of sports events, including Football Feuds: The Greatest College Football Rivalries, a collaboration with Rappoport. Rappoport has written a few Penn State football books before, including Tales from Penn State Football and Penn State Nittany Lions: Where Have You Gone? With such a rich history in writing Penn State books it would be hard to top the work that has already been done, but Penn State Football: The Complete Illustrated History does just that.

For the rest of this review, click here.

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