How would your life imrpove with better eye sight? $5,000 could do it too

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Want to know why I hate my eyes?

Because they are perfect. My eyesight is perfect and little old ladies at McDonald's like to ogle me. My eyes are a great feature, form what I am told. But when it comes to some things my eyes are a detractor.

Case in point, the "You Gotta See This" video contest by held by Abbot, a world renown name in the laser vision correctness surgery industry. Right now those of you with less fortunate eyes as myself can record a video telling the judges how your life would be better with improved eye sight. When I first came across this contest I would have thought that the grand prize would be for free laser vision surgery.

Instead the winning video will be awarded $5,000, which I guess could go towards the surgery, but how many people will follow through with that? There are also three runner up prizes in the form of an HDTV package worth $2,5000. There are also three second prize winners which will receive a Flip UltraHD camcorder.

From all of the videos submitted a fan vote will contribute to a part of the final decision making on the winners. So submit your video and get your fans voting for you! If you submit a video leave a comment here. I'll vote for you! Who knows, if I like your video enough maybe I'll get my readers to vote for you too!

The good news for is that I will not be submitting a video in the iLASIK Video Contest, so that is one less person you will have to compete against!

Again, it stinks having such terrific eyes. I also do not have any cavities, but that's another story for another day...


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