Temple ruins my perfect season predicting games

Friday, September 04, 2009

Villanova - 27
Temple - 24
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Temple recap
Villanova recap

Temple ruined my shot a a perfect season in predicting games. Temple was my first official pick of the season, and they let me down.

I knew I should have gone with my heart and picked Villanova but I tried reducing myself to logic and caved to the hype (if you can call it that) surrounding the Owls. Villanova took advantage of five Temple turnovers to shock the Owls last night at Lincoln Financial Field, winning on a last second field goal that was set up after Villanova intercepted Temple late in the game.

I really thought that Temple had enough athletes to beat the Wildcats, but now I am left wondering if I overestimated Temple or underestimated Villanova.

Regardless of how bad this makes Temple looks, it leaves me wondering, "This is supposed to be Penn State's toughest non-conference opponent?"

I was also finding myself questioning way this game was not aired on local television airwaves. Was it because somebody decided to schedule the game for the same night the Phillies were playing across the street? when the game was scheduled nobody would have known that the baseball game would feature a terrific pitching match-up between Pedro Martinez and Tim Lincecum.

Was it because the Eagles were playing their most hyped and discussed final pre-season game in franchise history? Again, who would have known Michael Vick would be the headliner when the Mayor's Cup was announced.

Somebody in the Philadelphia market (I'm looking at you Comcast) should have set up a television crew. Temple supposedly aired the game on their website but that is not good enough. For as much as this game was being marketed it should have been on TV.

Did you see this play? Neither did I.
Sure, in theory I could have purchased a ticket.
But that's not the issue.

The Phillies were on Comcast Sportsnet, and the Eagles were on 6ABC. Why could Comcast Network (I still call it CN8) pick up the game?

In the end it is the college football junkie like me who loses out on not being able to see a city rivalry play out to the final seconds. If it wasn't aired, did it really happen?

Temple certainly hopes so.

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