Metroid Prime Trilogy

Friday, August 28, 2009

I have been playing Nintendo games since the days of the original Super Mario Brothers. I have played just about every major Mario game and all but one Zelda title. It shames me to say that, as a lifelong Nintendo geek, that I have never really found myself playing a Metroid game for longer than 20 minutes.

I am sure I am missing the boat on this highly regarded video game franchise. You can even rip my Nintendork status for not giving Metroid an opportunity to enter my gaming career.

I must admit that seeing Metroid Prime Trilogy Collector's Edition out now for the Nintendo Wii seems interesting to me.

Nintendo packaged the two previous Metroid Prime games that were available on the Gamecube and the third installment in the series on the Wii into one special disc. With the disc comes upgraded play control for the Wii, giving a new replay value to the Gamecube hits on the Wii. I imagine that the game has a new feel to it with the Wii's motion controls now implemented into the previous games.

At $49.99 it seems like a good deal, but I'll refrain from going out to the store and buying it just now. Perhaps I will rent it sometime.

You can visit the official site here, or go to Amazon
and purchase your copy today.

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