Brett Favre a Viking

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's official. At least I assume it is.

Brett Favre brought the Road to Retirement to Minnesota yesterday where he signed a contract with the Vikings. He flew up to Minnesota, signed a contract, and suited up to take part in his first practice.

Can you imagine how difficult it was for me to write about Penn State football yesterday with Favre this and Favre that taking over my internet, Twitter, and television? It was difficult but I managed and even took some inspiration from Favre by coming up with my reader poll.

Dan Levy of the On the DL podcast asked at one point yesterday what fans were more upset with; Mike Vick being back in the NFL or Favre being back in the NFL?

Honestly I am not upset about either player being back. It is one thing to be annoyed with the coverage of certain players by national media outlets, but I find it difficult to be upset about a player wanting to play and taking advantage of an offer by a team willing to take a chance on them. There is no comparing the Vick and Favre situations though and allegations that Favre chose today to become a Viking because he was tired of Vick hogging all of the headlines is just non sense.

Mike Vick is an Eagle. Brett Favre is a Viking. Pedro Martinez is a Phillie. What a world.

My favorite part of the Favre news breaking is how it affected Twitter. Twitter keeps track f the trending topics and it was only a matter of time before Brett Favre became a top trending topic. Of course, trending topics can also show how many people still do not know how to spell his name...
WCCO-tv is the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis who was covering the breaking news of Favre to the Vikings. Vikes is an abbreviated nickname for the Minnesota Vikings. As for "Farve"? clearly people are spelling it the way most everybody pronounces it.

It is Brett "FAVRE". F-A-V-R-E.

And then there is the Photoshopped image at the top of this post. An image of Favre in a Vikings jersey was probably put together months ago, or a year ago, but had the image ready t go when needed.

For those of you who bought your copy of Madden '10 last Friday, EA Sports will include Favre in a roster update tomorrow. Vick was supposed to be in an update today. Was it released or put on hold?

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