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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"You know I went to Ohio State right? I don't know that much."
- Patricia Heaton

Before she was read her question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? to earn $50,000 for charity, Patricia Heaton, who you probably know as Debra Barone from everybody Loves Raymond, told host Regis Philbin that people from the mid west are nicer and smarter than people on the west and east coast. She also throws out a blurb that she went to Ohio State, although she fessed up that she should have spent more time in the class room.

After watching this clip I believe her, but I am sure they do not teach simple math at Ohio State. Heaton struggled with her question in which she had to convert Euros to dollars and say how much the amount equaled in coin form. Just as Philbin starts asking the question Heaton goes through a panicky hissy fit I haven't seen since high school when a girl refused to even try answering the question, claiming they didn't know the answer. Much like the teacher who never gave in to this behavior, Philbin does his best to help Heaton take a moment to calm down and think through the question.

Heaton immediately went to a lifeline, her husband who is European so he must be helpful in this situation. Unfortunately for Heaton, her husband being European was no help in this situation.

As badly as not bothering to think about the question and instead acting like a drama queen irritates me, the fact that she did not know the rules to the most watched game show in my life time is inexcusable. To have Philbin have to walk Heaton through the math and have to remind her that the game does not end until you say "final answer" is shameful.

Heaton, I love you on Everybody Loves Raymond, but my respect for you just took a fall down twelve meters of stairs. How many inches is that?


For more on Millionaire, check out my friend Caitlin's view on the declining interest for television game shows.

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